Manage all your Emails from one place with Gmail’s Multiple Inboxes Lab

gmail multiple inboxesAre you one of the people who like registering with multiple email services, just so they could check out the different features offered by them? Even though one email service is usually adequate for most people, there’s always the urge to check others out just to see what features you might not have with your existing service, or perhaps to grab up your desired username before it’s taken by someone else. In any case, people usually wind up with multiple email inboxes they don’t have the time or energy to check regularly. Gmail gives you the liberty to read and reply to all your emails under one roof. And with the Multiple Inboxes Lab, you can easily manage and keep track of all your email inboxes from different services within the same Gmail environment.

It often happens, that you might not like using a particular email service on account of its lack of features or something. But that email address might be indispensable, because there may be a lot of other services relying on it, such as social media accounts, newsletter subscriptions, and so on. Now, you can set up email forwarding options, or incorporate multiple email inboxes into one, enabling you to see all your messages into one place. But this could all be overwhelming, and your inbox could get crowded. Luckily, Multiple Inboxes Lab is here to help. It can help you keep your inbox organized according to the various email services you use.

Using Multiple Inboxes Lab

To get access to this feature, just log into your Gmail, and click on the cog icon on the top-right right beneath your profile picture. Then, click on Settings. You will see a Labs section in settings, and if you scroll down, you can see Multiple Inboxes. Simple check the Enable radio button, and scroll down to the bottom of the page, and Save Changes.

Multiple Inboxes Lab

Now, reload the settings page, and you will see a Multiple Inboxes tab. Here, you can set up panes to be shown in your inbox. You can add search queries for each to organize your emails. And if you want to organize emails according to their corresponding emails, you can simply add “to:(”. For example, if I want my Hotmail emails to be grouped together, I will use this search term “to:(” (without quotes).

grouping emails together

Now that you’ve set up your Multiple Inboxes, you can reload your inbox, and see all those panes, or partitions in just one inbox. By default, the new panes that you make will be displayed above your original inbox. But you can change this orientation from Settings.

From the settings menu, you can also change a lot of other stuff, such as maximum page size for each pane, adding more custom search parameters to refine your panes, and so on.

Start using this useful feature now, and tell us what you think about it. Share your experience in the comments below. Stay cool. Cheers 🙂