A Glimpse on the Life Journey of Kirk Kerkorian

Life journey of Kirk Kerkorian

Life is unpredictable enough especially for those who leave their luck in the hands of destiny. If you are a lucky one today, you really need to play safe as time changes in no time. Similarly, if you are going through a tough phase so far, be ready to welcome the new breeze of happiness as all it takes is a will and a right direction. A good example of this is the life of Kirk Kerkorian whose hard work has now changed his life completely. Have a look at his life journey!

Kirk Kerkorian-As world knows him

He was born in 1917 in the house of American immigrants in Fresno; CA. he was the youngest among all his siblings and his father used to be a farmer and was almost illiterate. But he had some money saved from which he bought a series of small farms and homesteads in order to make his family a little more financially strong but during the year 1922 he suffered some major loss in his business and then his bank seized almost all of his properties. After this, the family had to move from places to places and struggle a lot wherever his father could find the work. When Kirk Kerkorian was about nine years old, he started working odd jobs so he can support his family monetarily. This gave him very less time to join a school and he, after joining a street gang, got into numerous fights but then was sent to a troubled boy’s school for some education and discipline.

A man behind the success

His life turned around and he got a job of installing and maintaining furnaces. One day his boss took him on a flight with him and that was the day Kirk Kerkorian fell in love with hovering and then decided he wants to make his living out of it. He then contacted that era’s most famous stunt pilot Florence “Pancho” Barnes and ask her to give him flying lessons in exchange of the work like shoveling manure, milking her cows and other stuff of the same sort.

Kirk Kerkorian rich man

After the World War II he used his savings on a Cessna, an aircraft manufacturer and then later started working as a general aviation pilot and went to Las Vegas in order to spend some time. In 1947, he paid $60,000 for a small air-charter service, Trans International Airlines, which used to facilitate the gamblers to fly from Los Angeles to Las Vegas.

Kirk-As a rich man

Kirk Kerkorian rich man

He is the father of the Las Vegas megaresort and has now built around three hotels in Vegas which were known to be the world’s largest during their time. Today he is the 41st richest man alive on earth and his total net worth is around 5.7 billion dollars. Though he never attends most of the meetings and avoids giving speeches but he has set an example for the hard workers and has proven to be a very tough negotiator but at the same time very shy and gentle person.

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