15 Gifts to Give Women this Christmas in 2012!

christmas gifts for women 2012Finding a right gift for your Mom or sister, Wife or Girl friend, Daughter or colleague, in short for any lady that you consider an important one in your life can be a little difficult, especially when you gift them occasionally.  Christmas bells are ringing up in the air and it’s the time to make some arrangements. Selecting a right gift for the right person is what men find too difficult and here we are to help our readers to choose one of the best 15 gifts that go well with any relation you want to send blessings and happiness this Christmas. Have a look!

1) Perfume – Spread the fragrance

Perfumery gift set in a red box</p><br /><br />

Women love perfumes. no doubts about it. All you need to do is to choose the right fragrance for your loved ones that goes well with their personalities.

2) Shawls – This Christmas is cool!

sweater pullover for christmas 2012

December lets you give a variety of gifts to share your feelings with your loved ones, say your grand Ma, Aunt, etc. If you survey the market, you will find some great shawls that are economical and a decent gift to give to the respectable relations.

3) Designer Jewelry – Enjoy Fashion

 designer jewelry

What pleases the the women of age 15-25 is obviously, jewelry. If you are a brother of a sister or have a girl friend, Go with some designer jewelry as that would really bring a broad smile on their faces. Again an economical gift, best for girls who love to follow fashion

4) Bags-Make your gift Mobile


Just like My mother, if you have working women in your family, Choose a decent, stylish bag for them as they look forward to such gifts that can be used in their official routines. Moreover, the more you would see your gift been used by your loved ones, the more happy you would feel within,

5) Chocolates- Gift the Sweetness

christmas chocolates

Although men are equally fond of chocolates as women are, it is an easy to buy gift, which is readily available everywhere. Shops also serve some dedicated Christmas Chocolate packs, giving them a better look to be gifted as a present.

6) Make up set – gift the necessity

make up kit

No doubts that men hate to buy make up kits on the behalf of their loved ones, however, husbands can buy the most favorite brand of their wives and can make them happy with it. Be cautious! Be extra careful while selecting the right tone of the makeup.

7) key chain- Make your Gift useful!

christmas keychains

If you have lots of friends, and few of them are females, then getting them a Christmas keychain is a good Idea. You see that when you have a huge social circle, you can not actually give all of them expensive gifts, however, gifts really add sweetness in the relation and a token gift, such as a key chain is what you must get for your friends.

8) Watch -Time Matters!


Watches can also be a good choice to be chosen as a gift. A delicate watch appeals to women generally.

9) Stuff Toys-  Gift Santa!

This is what I really love- The Stuff! If you are committed or have some close friends, express your devotion in a cute way. Send the Santa as a gift this Christmas so that your loved ones do not wait for a real Santa to come and leave presents for them.

santa stuff toys

10) Christmas Tree- Make it memorable!

christmas tree

Giving a symbolic gift to the closer ones is also a good option.

11) Cosmetics Gift Set- Make it look classy

gift set for christmas

If you have female business partners, colleagues, or you feel like giving a formal gift to your teacher, then a  perfume, lotion, powder set is also a decent choice.

12) Pullover / Sweater- Its chilly out there!

Normally with the start of December, Clothing shops start to introduce winter, or  rather Christmas dedicated pull overs. Again, a useful gift.

christmas sweater gift

13) Clutch- make it trendy!

Women love to carry a clutch everywhere they go. Why not to get them a matching one this Christmas?

clutches on christmas

14) Flowers- Express Love

flowers for christmas

If you are still confused about how to get and basically, what to get for the women who play an important part in your life, this is the second last weapon. Never wish them empty hands, in fact, get them flowers to express that they really matter.

15) Greeting Cards- Tell them they are important!

christmas greeting gifts

This one is reasonable enough to be added in the Christmas Bucket with other gifts. Try to attach a greeting card with your gift to let your words reach out to them. Tell them they are important. This is the time they want to hear, and you should say.

Christmas is an eve to celebrate happiness, promote love and peace. Do not let the big event go just like that, Make it special, buy gifts and enjoy this Christmas with your loved Ones 🙂

Best Wishes,

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