How to Get Back Your Stolen Car without Tracker or Insurance?

How to Get Back Your Stolen Car without Tracker or InsuranceWith the rapidly changing technologies and constant new advancements, there are so many innovative ways of saving yourself from accidents and making lives a lot easier. Since we bring you something new and helpful every now and then, here we are again with something really handy for you. Today, we will share a small yet unique hack with you which will assist you in getting your stolen car back. You must be thinking what’s new here? Well, we will tell you how to get your hard earned and expensive car back without a tracker or insurance. Yes, you read it right; without a tracker or insurance!

Let’s have a look at a very useful tip for car owners!

Get Back Your Stolen Car Using  a Mobile Phone!

Since you are quite aware of the fact that it takes only 2 minutes for a thief to runaway with your beloved car, no matter whether you have the finest tracker or auto-alarming devices fitted in your car. Therefore, you will have to act fast and play smart with the thieves. The best safety and latest tech hack you can use is to keep a low priced phone safely hidden in your car but it must be live and active throughout the time. You must be wondering how a phone will help in getting your stolen car back.

Am I alright? Don’t worry; you will learn that in just a few seconds! 🙂

How will a mobile phone help if your car gets stolen?

1) First and foremost, you should buy an inexpensive mobile phone with a longer standby time. For instance: Q Mobile or Nokia. Since they have some mobile phones which can run on standby for up to 10 days  and cost less than Rs. 2500/-. The cheaper, the better as you would not prefer losing an expensive one, just in case.

2) Get a Ufone sim for this mobile phone and insert it. I am suggesting Ufone here as they have a shared location interface with police option which allows the police to keep track of the location of stolen car in real time.

3) Keep this mobile phone on silent mode. Disable vibration and make sure there are no vibrations at all whenever the phone rings or else the thieves might get alert and all your efforts will go in vain. Double check that!

4) Make sure the mobile phone is properly wrapped in a plastic sheet and protected from dirt, dust or any kind of moisture when you hide it. It should function properly at all times!

 5) After you are done with the above mentioned prerequisites, try calling on that mobile phone and check whether it is working correctly or not. If yes, then you are good to go!

6) Now, all you have to do is: hide it somewhere in your car where the thieves won’t even get a slightest hint of it. That is what the real challenge is!

7) Don’t forget to charge your mobile phone! You must do that at least twice a week and keep in mind to put the mobile phone back in place.

How will the police facilitate in getting the stolen car back?

If you have clearly followed what you have just learnt and practiced it well enough, then your stolen car will return to you quite easily and in no time depending on how fast the officials are. When your car gets stolen, all you have to do is, call on the Police helpine (which is 15 for Pakistan) immediately. Give them a whole account of the incident and provide them with a cell number of the mobile phone hidden in your car. As soon as they receive the number, they can easily track down the location of your stolen car by calling on that number. This way the probability of getting your stolen car back in the least amount of time, without a tracker or insurance, is quite high!

In a nutshell, all you have to do is get a reasonable mobile phone and hide it in your car. The rest depends on the police and how clever the thieves are!

Hopefully none of us get into such situations. However, it is always good to share such smart hacks with your family and friends.

Stay blessed!

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