Germany Wins The FIFA World Cup 2014–The Champions!

imageAfter keeping the whole world occupied for an entire month, FIFA World Cup 2014 has reached its end, declaring Germany to be the winner of the match. Germany has undoubtedly shown a brilliant performance throughout the FIFA 2014 and has rightly won the most desirable trophy of the year!


Let’s have a quick flashback of the match that just ended, shaking the FIFA world for the last time in 2014!

Argentina VS Germany in FIFA 2014

Now that the match has reached its end, it is seriously a tough part to declare any one of them to have played really well in the Finale. While Argentina had Messi, Germany had a completely well-planned team consisting of all the players who attracted the followers largely after defeating Brazil in the Semi Final.

FIFA 2014

Throughout the match, T.Kroos and Ozil kept the audience engaged by gaining most of the attention. Argentina, on the other hand, maintained the decorum of stadium. Looking all relaxed and much relied on Messi!


Giving each other a really hard time, both of teams managed not to allow a single score till the half time.

Palestine again Burns- Wake up World

The game turned really intense when it 57 minutes were passed and yet both of them earned no victory with scoreboard still on 0-0. It was at this point of time when Argentina’s G.Higuaín got injured but was back with his sportsman spirit.

hUIWEN injured

The full crowd of audience in the stadium was found all serious and totally lost in the game. It was predicted that there were over 3 Billion of viewers all over the world behind their TV Screens to watch the great match.

cROWD in FIFA 2014

Both of the times strived really well not to allow a single goal and the situation was alarming when the 90th minute to0 passed away. An additional time was given to the match in which Germany Finally made it at 113th minute, taking everyone with shock!

The Quick Facts about the FIFA World Cup 2014 this Year!

  1. This is the third World Cup final between Argentina and Germany (including West Germany).
  2. Argentina won the first 3-2 in 1986 but were defeated 1-0 at the 1990 tournament.
  3. Victory in 1986 is Argentina’s only previous World Cup win in six matches against the Germans, and they were eliminated by them at both the 2006 and 2010 tournaments.
  4. Their overall World Cup record against Germany or West Germany is W1, D2, L3, although one of those draws was a quarter-final in 2006 which the Germans then won on penalties.
  5. Argentina’s 4-0 defeat to Germany in the quarter-finals of the 2010 World Cup is their heaviest defeat at the tournament since 1974.
  6. The most recent meeting was a friendly in Frankfurt in August 2012 which Argentina won 3-1.
  7. This was Argentina’s fifth World Cup final outing.
  8. Argentina has been crowned champions on two occasions.
  9. Captain Lionel Messi has created 21 chances so far, more than any other player but he himself has failed to score in his last three matches.

10. Germany has been unbeaten in their last 17 internationals (W12, D5). Their last defeat
was a 4-3 loss to the USA in a friendly in June 2013.

11.These two teams have met each other on 20 occasions, Argentina have walked away
with honors on 9 times while Germany 6, five games have resulted in draws.

With this, the FIFA world cup 2014  Brazil and our exclusive coverage of the Football world comes to an end for now, We hope that you enjoyed the journey with us,

Once again, Congratulations Germany!


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  1. Nice article indeed. But I was reading some conspiracy theory about the finals that final was fixed or some thing like that. Well! Don’t know about it :)…………. Only Allah swt knows the best. But your article is very informative. Thanks 🙂

    • Hi Eliz,

      Good to see you back again. It is still more like a rumor but whatever it is,I am happy for the German Coach. He seemed to have done too much to take FIFA home!

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