Top 7 Genuine Reasons Why To Upgrade To Windows 8

upgrade to windows 8 from windows 7Microsoft’s magnificent revelation the Windows 8, which is not even launched, has taken up the market with its consumer preview. Just after an impressive success of Windows 7, now Microsoft has given up another remarkable version. was keen enough to share some best HD Wallpapers1 and top 10 Desktop Pictures 2,  for this incredible Piece, most awaited round the globe.

However, surveys have shown that there is a mixed feeling observed within the customers and they are still confused about why they should upgrade their Windows 7(which has made lives of many consumers easier as compared to their use of XP) to Windows 8.

For the consumers who still have doubts about why to upgrade to this soon would be released Windows 8, here are 7 Genuine Reasons to switch over.

1) Metro UI

metro style - windows 8

We observe in the consumer preview that windows 8 offers a Metro-style interface which resembles to the one we saw in Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7. It has totally replaced the old style of icons being tiled on your desktop. The applications will be launched like an icon. One of the best features is the live information like new- email and weather updates will be prompt up.

As the Preview has shown, the interface is too eye- catching and with a growing trend of Tablets, the Windows 8 interface is easy to use with touch screens.

2) Windows 8 – Love to Touch!


As Mentioned above, Windows 8 provides best support touch Screen Devices. The Metro –Style has been developed keeping in view, the usability compatible to the touch Screen Devices. Its important to include here that windows 8 works completely fine with the traditional mouse and keyboard input devices, yet the grace that is seen with touch Screens is surely something no one would like to miss.

3) Windows 8 Applications – the Store!

Windows Store

When Nokia can have Ovi and Android enjoys the Google Play, how can Microsoft stay behind? Windows 8 has its own Application store where the users can browse, download and install applications. If you search applications for Windows 8 at the moment, you will find that the store is limited, but a huge increase is expected as Microsoft releases Windows 8.

4) Cloud services


Windows 8 has something beyond your expectations, simply! Now you can keep all your settings and customization stored into your machine that will be restored even when you re-plug it. You can pull your emails form Gmail as well as can view photos from Facebook.

5) High Security – Decent View


Windows 8 allows you to keep your machine secured with a high quality of user interface. You can use picture lock screen, as you have one in your cell phone, say bye to the traditional typed password and enjoy your own customized pictures as screen saver with a password to access their machine.

6) Backward compatibility

backward compatibility of windows 8

Microsoft is keen enough not to overlook the most important aspect. Consumers like you and me, might show some resistance in switching to the windows 8, if there is no Backward Compatibility available, but fortunately, this OS is compatible with windows 7. You can always shift to the “classic view” if Metro – style becomes boring or unappealing to you.

7) Device compatibility of Windows 8

Microsoft know its place in the market and so windows 8 is not specifically design for a particular device, but for different ones. Windows 8 works great equally for your PC, Laptop and Tablet.

I am sure Microsoft will have a lot more as a surprise for its consumers so just keep your fingers Crossed,


12 thoughts on “Top 7 Genuine Reasons Why To Upgrade To Windows 8”

  1. Picture lock ??? woww sounds interesting … ! but that flashy icons thing,isnt it too flashy to bear:s?

    • picture lock is really an attractive tool microsoft has introduced, you can now always hide your screen Sana , 🙂 with your personalized pictures:)

  2. None of the reasons given are compelling for the average Windows 7 user..
    Reasons one and two are virtually the same thing.

    1) The UI can be had for free via mods for Windows 7. Mods that are infinitely more customizable and adaptable and user friendly than Microsofts own Metro UI.
    Personally I am not at all interested in Live email and Weather updates. Weather apps for example belong to the most useless I can think of.
    Also it eats screen space like there is no tomorrow.

    2) I will never use a touchscreen for my powerhouse desktop PC., because it is simply unpractical. And for an avid PC gamer touchscreen has nothing to offer.

    So in short the UI is not worth the money of an upgrade at all and it can be ad for free if one is so inclined.

    3) I do not need WIndows 8’s appstore to get all the tools I need. I can not imagine the app that would justify the upgrade price to Windows 8.

    4) I do not need Windows 8 to use cloud services. I use cloud services now with windows 7.
    Perhaps some of these services (Like those of Microsoft) are somewhat better integrated in the OS, but so what. It ads virtually nothing.

    5) Windows 8’s has some security improvements, they say, but Windows 7 is safe enough and will be kept up to date for several years to come. You do not need to upgrade to windows 8.

    6) Backward compatibility is of course never a reason to upgrade. Saying that one should upgrade from windows 7 to windows 8 because windows 8 is compatible with windows 7 is nonsense.
    As a reason for upgrading it is self defeating. Picture lock screen is not reason enough to dish out the money for an upgrade. It is rather trivial I think.

    7) The mere fact that windows 8 can be used on other devices is no reason at all to upgrade your PC if Windows 7 is more than sufficient as a OS.

    From what I have seen Windows 8 has nothing to offer to justify the cost for an upgrade.
    Windows 8 in my mind is one of those Microsoft OS’s that will mainly be pushed with new computers but have virtually nothing to offer to those who own Windows 7.
    It is not the same step forward as Windows 7 was when you owned XP or even Vista.
    I personally skipped Vista and I will most likely skip windows 8.

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