Generate An Income by Investing Your Time On The Internet!

Invest money and timeThe Internet is a form of business. You invest something, and get returns. For most people, it’s all about making the right decisions. A lot of them follow the wrong path and thus end up in the wrong train. A lot of them fail at making money even though they have adequate time and money as well as energy. Today, we will discuss some methods where you can invest something to earn something.

Investing your time

time is moneyAs they say, time is money. If you don’t have money to invest, or simply don’t want to take the risk, then you can spend your time online, as time is the perhaps the next most valuable thing to money (or maybe more valuable, depending upon how you think). Here are a few options you can try out if you are not otherwise engaged in some daily time-consuming activity.

Online Surveys

online surveysThere are lots of companies out there paying people to complete their surveys for new product feedback or market research. You might want to try them out. There are great websites that provide you with surveys from other companies you can complete. One such as SurveyScout. We have written a more detailed article on earning money by completing online surveys. Be sure to check it out for more websites and information.

Data Entry

data entry

Data entry, i must say, is a time and effort intensive work. There are lots of companies out there paying people to do their laborious work for them without hiring a proper person for the job. Usually, such jobs require you to enter data into a database, convert it from one form to another, organising lists, etc. These jobs require little or no skill at all.

One popular form of data entry is writing CAPTCHA! You’re of course, familiar with it. It is used on websites as anti-bot and anti-spam mechanism. You can write code or letter corresponding to a picture. The downside, however, to data entry is, its low paying. And admittedly, a lot of data entry websites are scam. So beware of them!

Get paid to surf!

This practise has rekindled after dying down in early 2000s. The advent of social networking and the concept of making money online has propagated its growth. Now, there are websites that pay you a small amount of money for surfing them! Sounds great huh? One such great site is SurfBounty. You only have to remain on their pages for a few seconds to register a ‘surf’. It’s a great starting point for beginners

Get paid to read emails

Ok now I know i sound absurd. You might be thinking; who on earth lets others read their mail? And also pay for it? Well, there are many websites that offer this service along with other services like online surveys etc. You have to read mails and sometimes reply to them appropriately etc. One such website is UniqPaid that offers many services like paid tasks, referral earning etc. Another is Cash4Offers. These services won’t make you rich, but earning a few hundred dollars a month isn’t very hard either

Get paid to search!

Search engines are a big hit these days, since everybody searches for something on the internet. But no search engines are bigger than the giants that are Google and Yahoo! Because of that, some smaller engines pay you to search through them. Again, the money isn’t substantial. But every dollar in hand is worth more than the dollar in someone else’s hand :). One such search engine is SwagBucks, which gives you the chance of earning $1 to $5 with each search! Another is InteradMedia that pays you a steady $0.001 for each minute of active search you perform!

Please note that these are time-intensive methods to earn money. You won’t become “rich” or gain “instant” wealth. Earning will come slowly and with time. But it never hurts to explore more methods. Have fun exploring new options. Blessings 🙂

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  1. Never knew about being paid to search! You guy are awesome.. And ya you can add Clixsense in the list of PTC sites.Can you please suggest any legit captcha website which we can join without paying signup fees?

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