Top 10 Freelancing Sites that You Must Join To Make Money From Home

make money from homeJust like other effective methods to make money from your living room. Freelancing is one of the best and yet simplest way to earn for your talent and capability without actually getting employed and being ruled by the employer. It is in fact, more taken as a business where the clients give you contracts if they find you worthy enough to work with. The concept of freelancing must not be new to my readers as smartearningmethods has been sharing the best tips, giving best suggestions to enhance your freelancing skills and make it more productive.

To start up your freelancing career and enjoy a smooth flow of earnings, you need to know which platform will turn out to be the most suitable one for you. There are thousands of sites available on internet, offering freelancing opportunities, but some of them are simply a waste of time and some ask you to pay for sign ups. Therefore, Here I present the top 10 Freelancing sites, that are best known for their services.

1) ODesk


According to the overall ratings of the site and consumer feedback, Odesk enjoys the best reputation. The best feature that attracts most of the users is the simple layout and efficient handling of data. There are thousands of jobs posted daily in every category it offers. A truly recommended site!

2) ELance


Like all other freelancing sites, ELance is another freelance work provider. Elance works equally well for job seekers as well as the job providers. However, getting paid through this platform is not as easy as it seems to be on other freelancing sites; in fact, the user is required to clear few tests in order to move on in posting a job. Despite of strict rules and regulations, the site is still a source for thousands of people to find work and make money online.

3) People Per hour


The name speaks enough to understand how devoted this site would be in offering freelancing jobs to the members. It’s a site where numerous of jobs are published related to different fields and people who are in search of jobs choose the most suited ones for them and apply for them. The jobs are mostly small projects for daily, weekly or even monthly basis. But due to the site policies and the name, the jobs are often paying for hours of work.

4) Project 4 Hire


The site has recently improved its stats a lot. Similar to ELance, the site provides a platform for all the talented people, looking for jobs online and making their freelancing career a success. As a writer and freelancer myself, I would suggest all the writers to get registered on the site as article writing is one of the prominent category here.

5) Free Index


A multi provider platform, which is prominently a directory but is actually more than that. Free Index publish some great business deals for the job seekers, in the form of great projects.

6) Freelancer


This is the site which gave me my first break as a freelancer. Being highly devoted to this site I will soon write a detailed post on Freelancer and tips to get contracts with it, but for now, as an introduction, Freelancer is one of the best freelancing sites with effective layout that gives it a high quality look. You need to create your own profile on your freelancer platform and can bid for 10 jobs (free) per month. However, the site is full of efficient people- more than you. And you really need to learn the tactics how to get a job for yourself.

7) vWorker


Although I got a job offer from this site, but due to the busy schedules this month, where blogging is keeping me preoccupied, I had to miss the opportunity. People find this site, somehow user unfriendly, maybe that’s the reason that you get a response for your posted jobs much quickly as compared to others. A good site indeed.

8) GetAFreelancer


The site is really good for the professional programmers, interpreters and graphic designers, providing a trail of opportunities to those who have enough talent to compete with the best freelancers that are in the same race as they are.

9) Sitereviver


The most recent one, being launched in 2012, is enjoying earning for its name due to its promising look and worth praising services. The site is easy to use and the job posting process is absolutely free.

10) PHP Codelance


Its sometimes misunderstood that freelancing is mostly restricted to article writing and programming. There are sites like PHPcodelance, which provides freelancing jobs specifically to PHP developers. The site offer good deals for the PHP programmers.

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22 thoughts on “Top 10 Freelancing Sites that You Must Join To Make Money From Home”

  1. I like the fact that caters only UK residents, hence giving them enough compensation for their standard of living. I love and oDesk too, in a way that you get to set your own hourly rate and you have the option of not choosing and not being chosen for a very low paying job. Thanks for this list!

    • Thanks for the list Nida but I followed one suggestion from this blog to try and it works for my expertise. I can put my own starting salary and I’m a happy camper now…I already have my own home-based job. Thanks!

    • @ Van – People per hour does not only cater for uk residents, what made you think that? It has people from all over the world and the rates are mostly very low plus commission is high so you cant really make a living there if you live in uk. But if you have a hobby that enjoy doing that you could make a little extra money from then it is ok

  2. hi is it real to earn pls replay me am searchng for this type of site last 3 months i have seen in ur site only good post if u have payment proof pls post is



  3. Freelancing gives opportunities to those having skills but have limits on taking a job or going out. Online freelance programs have really opened up huge jobs world, which can keep them busy more than 24 hours. One should note/record, properly in excel sheet, about worked tasks, time spent, and earnings, so that optimum utilization time can be done.

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  5. Nida I hope you are in good health by the grace of God. please tell me about SiteReviver, How it works.

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  7. It is a nice post, but I think there are some changes you should have captured. is no more as it rebranded to Freelancer,com. The same applies to that was acquired by

  8. Great List Nida !

    However, some of them are not for Asian Users. That’s major issue because we, Asians have always less opportunities.

    Thanks for sharing !

  9. A useful list of freelancing sites, already have joined few of sites mentioned in the list and will also join the remaining as well which I found through this guide.

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