5 Tips to find Freelance Clients on Twitter!

freelance clients at twitterSocial media can be used as one of the strongest weapons against being unemployed and attract potential clients by promoting your talent on the social networking sites. It is to be corrected that though Facebook is the largest and the most popular social media site, the world doesn’t ends there.In fact, looking it the other way, you would find that Facebook is getting over populated, saturating the job markets for you. What you need to know is, even Twitter is a good option for finding clients for your freelance career.

Here are 5 Basic tips you need to follow in order to give a proper shape to your online image in the world of Twitter!

1) Stay professional

First impression is the last impression that is going to work for you here, and your twitter account is going to build that impression for you. Do not forget, you are looking for clients, so you need to look clean. Upload your funky drunk pictures or hangovers on your Facebook’s friends, twitter is not the place to dispose them off because everything is visible to everybody and you are working on a mission where you need to hide to hide everything and only show the good daddy picture.

2)Be Social

Being a social bee is not at all a crime, it’s only going to get you huge followers and friends that will end up refereeing you to a potential client, do not hesitate to stop by and say anonymous hi, who knows you are standing and knocking at the door of your future favorite boss.

3)‘It worth it’ then share it

You must have heard ‘a helping hand is better than everything’. You are going to be loved and adored just because you share something on wrong timings and hit the spot for somebody at the right timings. You don’t know who you ended up helping but the moment people start recognizing you as an answer to every problem, you are definitely going to catch an eye of clients. So share what worth it, and let others praise it and you.

4)‘Selling a tweet’ say no to it

You are here to boost your visibility by reaching out to potential clients, not to get confuse selling with marketing. Once you get a client you will definitely got to sell something, but before you got your hands onto somebody, do not tend to offer selling tweet. There is potential high work waiting for you, you just need to explore it, and that is why you are here twitting!

5) ‘Profile needs to be complete

When you will be busy writing what you like and what you don’t, most of the times you forget to mention your skills and plus points, and ended up writing a childish biography that is going to get you no clients. Mention how can you help, what you good at it, how often you will be available and most importantly post a very cute and attractive picture, obviously a picture spokes thousand words, and other way round, the better it is the more it has chances to catch an eye of a client.

Try working on them, they really work!

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