5 Delicious Tips to Find Freelance Clients on Facebook

find freelance clients on facebookFreelancing can be a real interesting business if you know how to market yourself as a capable freelancer, who is all ready to take more contracts and get them done in the best manner possible. Unlike any other real-world job, freelancing demands much of your consistency and devotion as requires you to plan your strategies so that you keep a hold on a good amount of projects before you are done with the current one. In a freelance business, where you enjoy being your own boss, you need to be good in multitasking where at one end you should concentrate on the skills you market yourself for, while on the other hand, you should know how to market yourself actually.

Thanks to social media, the world seems to converge at a single point which we know as Facebook. Being the largest social media website, Facebook can be great help for freelancers like you and me who are all set to adopt this profession as a career. It is a pity that half of the Facebook users hardly know about the power of social media and are not taking full advantage of this tool.

Here is something you need to know as a freelancer that you can actually find freelance clients on Facebook and enjoy consistent earnings by cashing your talent.

1) Create a professional Facebook Profile

When you decide to be a professional, it is obviously more than a necessity to portray yourself as a professional too. Think of yourself as a client who witnesses a profile of a freelancer who has no professional touch in his profile. It is obvious that you would perceive him as a non-serious worker and would likely start searching for a better professional.

find freelance clients on facebook

Always maintain a professional touch in your profile and design your profile’s layout which speaks on your behalf, revealing that you are a freelancer, who is busy with many projects but available for new.

2) Exhibit your credentials

No one will ever know what great work have you done in your past until and unless you won’t be showing it off. How about mentioning all your great projects an ties you have with big industries and known clients on your ‘About’ section? Try to add all your previous milestones on your profile with privacy set to ‘Public’ so that any potential client who lands up on your profile will get to know about you and all your previous achievements.

3) Create a Facebook Fan Page

Though we did mention in tip#2 that a potential client may land up on your profile somehow, this is really a rare incident to expect or wait for. The world needs you to raise your voice to show your existence. It is natural that people, who are looking for services to be done, search the Facebook for brands and companies who are affiliated with their respective requirement. Creating a fan page and sharing your work, achievements, news, offers makes you more credible for your potential client who might then match his expectations with your shared work and may then hire you.

4) Be creative

With an online earning strategy, it really doesn’t matters how badly you are been dressed or how stupid you act with your friends. What matters is your ‘’WORK‘’. Therefore, there is no point in having cover photos where you look amazingly stunning or handsome, because for your business, this is surely not going to work. Think of a cover photo where you are been awarded by Microsoft or Nokia, or where you are conducting a seminar or demonstrating your work on a platform, now this is professional and will definitely get you a set of five-stars from your client.

5) Comment on different forums

comment on forums

For you, Facebook might be all limited to your world around but actually it is much more than you know or even imagine. There are possibilities that your fanpage or your profile might go unnoticed by potential clients and contractors so you need to try a different idea here then. There are fan pages which are owned by big freelancing companies like Mashable, Freelancer, oDesk, Fiverr, etc. so you can always contribute there and make yourself a precious contributor. People who rely on such big names might find your work interesting and get on to your fanpage and can even inbox you offering work.

So you see that Facebook can be great help in getting you some decent offers that can enhance your earnings and capabilities in the field of freelancing!

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  1. i had applied some of these strategies.facebook is really a useful too to seek for potential client.it’s becoming more and more competitive each and every day.One really have to be not just creative in delivering the “look” and content of fbpage,but also to be able to stay active!I guess having a pro designer to design nice graphic for site promotion is important too.

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