Top 10 Fastest Growing Tech Companies of 2013

Fastest growing tech companies 2013The technology sector is a pretty dynamic one, and one of the fastest growing market sectors sectors. Each year, fresh faces can be seen ploughing through the ranks, while the old big timers like Facebook and LinkedIn holding on tight to the top spots. But that’s not to say every Tech giant can live up to its reputation each time. For example, in this year’s survey by Forbes, Microsoft was nowhere near the top 20 mark, and Google only managed to scrape a 17th position. Wanna know who made it to the top 10 list this year? Check out this list of the top 10 fastest growing Tech companies of 2013.

10. OpenTable

OpenTable provides a pretty slick online reservations system which connects restaurants that offer online reservations with the people that dine at them. It is gaining a lot of popularity of late, as indicated by the 34% average growth rate over the past 3 years!

9. Shutterfly

Shutterfly offers online Photo products and services such as personalizable photo cards and stationary, photo books, sharing photos with friends and family etc. It has gone up by 39% in the past 3 years, which is not bad at all for a company like Shutterfly.

8. InvenSense

You most probably haven’t heard about this one, but apparently, InvenSense is introducing technology that is making leaps and bounds motion processing in consumer electronics. So think of them when you next buy a motion tracking device that has a gyro in it (for example, a smartphone). (Growth rate – 40%).

7. ShutterStock

This one might be more familiar to you. ShutterStock, as you might we know, provides online commercial digital imagery. It is where you can buy and sell digital images. In the past three years, ShutterStock has gone up by 41%.

6. EPAM Systems

The IT Software and services company has gone up almost 43% in the past few years, and come to think of it, that’s quite an achievement for such a company.

5. IPG Photonics

IPG Photonics excels in energy efficient fiber lasers and amplifiers. You probably don’t see the brand at the consumer level, but they’re pretty popular when it comes to industries and scientific laboratories. (Growth rate = 46%)

4. 3D Systems

3D printers have caught up pretty good recently, and so has 3D Systems, the company that works around them. It has grown by over 46% in the last 3 years!

3. Apple

When it comes to sales, Apple just beats everyone! Their latest hardware and software products have made them the richest company this year by far, with a whopping $169 Billion! Don’t be surprised though! Apparently, this isn’t that much of a big deal for Apple, and their growth average for the past 3 years is only 55%.

2. Facebook

The most popular social network on the planet, Facebook, has been pretty active of late as well, and managed to generate an enviable $5.4 Billion in sales over the past 12 month, making an average 3 year growth rate of 87%.

1. LinkedIn

The social network for professionals once again made it to the top with sales of over $1,109 Million over the past year, making it a 3 year average sales growth rate of 102%. You might be surprised, but LinkedIn has been doing a far better job at connecting business professionals co-workers than Facebook ever could.

So, do you like the charts for 2013? Kind of unexpected, seeing many new companies, huh? What do you think of them? Leave your insightful responses in the comments section blow. Cheers 🙂