Top 10 Fast Food Chains with Quick Home Delivery in USA

Fast Food Chains with Quick Home Delivery in USAIf you are food loving and enjoy dining out and delivering fast food then this post will surely be one of your greatest interests. No doubts that the food business is currently one of the most successful businesses in the world where it is all profit and no loss at all. According to the statistics been revealed, it is  USA which enjoys the maximum number of customers who make home deliveries in a month.Here are 10 most popular Fast food chains with quick home delivery in USA!

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1)Pizza Hut

Since: 1958

Owner: Dan and Frank Carney

Franchise in: In 11,139 worldwide (U.S, Pakistan, United Kingdom, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Southeast Asia)

Popular for: Pizza

Pizza Hut

There could be nobody existed on the world that could redefine the delicious taste of an undying favorite spectacularly round, cheesy and delightful taste of pizza than an American restaurant chain, Pizza hut. The franchise is always coming up with distinctive deals with quick home delivery in USA and around places near their franchise. Enjoy the nectarous hot smells and heavenly delicious taste at your doorsteps.

2)Domino’s Pizza

Since: 1960

Owner: Tom Monaghan, J. Patrick Doyle

Franchise in: 70 countries (Canada, United Kingdom, and Tokyo, Pakistan)

Popular for: Pizza, Pasta, Submarine sandwiches, Chicken wings


When you are having cravings for crusty, cheese filled sides blended with the delicious taste of chicken and veggie, you do not wait to call them because they have quick home delivery in USA. Though they took long to deliver, but the taste and redeem quality of food worth the wait. The pasta is heavenly luscious that it deserves a chance to meet your tummy.


Since: 1940

Owner: Richard and Maurice McDonald, Ray Kroc

Franchise in: 34,000+ worldwide (California, Oak Brook, United States, South Africa, Japan)

Popular for: Hamburger, Cheeseburger, Chicken, French fries


It has a magic, the taste with which you fall in love with. You may love to eat burgers from various places but the juicy spicy nature with various elements of divine mouthwatering ingredients make you pull over and serve yourself another meal. The best thing is you don’t have to wait to go and eat, just dial McDonalds and enjoy quick home delivery in USA or any part of the world you are living in.

4)Papa John’s pizza

Since: 1984

Owner: John Schnatter

Franchise in: U.S.A, UK, Cyprus, Portugal

Popular for: Pizza

Papa Johns pizza

Right after pizza hut and Dominos, Papa John’s Pizza is the third largest take out and quick home delivery restaurant chain in USA. The exclusive deals and appetizing taste has made it to evolve with in a year and Papa john’s was able to move into an adjoining space from converted closet.


Since: 1965

Owner: Fred DeLuca and Peter Buck

Franchise in: U.S, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Asia, Florida

Popular for: Submarine Sandwiches


Dash as fast as you can. Do not worry about your weight when you think about spending a night dinning in subway because they are excelling in blending the delightful taste with the healthiest meal options. The deal makes you feel irresistible when you will be getting 6 inch heavenly delicious BBQ chicken in few bucks.

6)Taco Bell

Since: 1962

Owner: Glen Bell

Franchise in: U.S, Australia, Canada, Chile, China, Greece, Iceland, Cyprus

Popular for: Tacos, Burritos, nachos, quesadillas4

Exfoliate in the taste of burritos, nachos, crunchy tacos, Doritos, combs and sides right away walking out of Mexican traditional recipes. Enjoy the taste of originality and redeem quality right in your homes with fast and quick home delivery services in USA and across the lanes near franchise.

7)Burger King

Since: 1953

Owner: Keith J. Kramer and Mathew Burns

Franchise in: 63 countries (United States, San Juan, Puerto Rico, Spain, Taiwan, Mexico, Indian Subcontinent and Asia Pacific)

Popular for: Triple whooper, Dutch Apple Pie, Double Hamburger, Vanilla ice cream

 Burger King

When the darling mouthwatering smells of the blended combinations of sauces and chicken makes you dribble your saliva you can’t wait to control the kid inside you to hold it and eat it, but no matter how big you open your mouth, the never ending floors of ingredients won’t be dashing into your mouth altogether. So be Patient. Order it at home with quick home delivery services which are across USA and enjoy dashing it your way.

8)Chipotle Mexican Grill

Since: 1993

Owner: Steve Ells

Franchise in: USA, UK, Canada and France

Popular for: Burritos and Tacos

Chipotle Mexican Grill

Enjoy the food with integrity and divine taste of originality. The eminent chain of restaurant in United States specializing in tacos and burritos leaves you addicted once you serve yourself with adobo-marinated grilled chicken, wrapped in flour tortilla and sour cream. The eternal taste of true burritos and tacos are also quickly delivered at homes in USA.

9)Jimmy John’s

Since: 1983

Owner: Jimmy John Liautaud

Franchise in: 41 states (Illinois, France, UK, USA, Spain)

Popular for: Sandwiches

Jimmy Johns

Aren’t you in a mode to have a complete lunch? Then it’s time for you to grab a sandwich from America’s favorite sandwich delivery guys, delivering you the best chicken sandwiches you ever had. Jimmy John’s Gourmet Sandwiches have a world class catering and quick home delivery services in USA and across the local areas.

10)Dunkin’ Donuts

Since: 1950

Owner: William Rosenberg

Franchise in: U.S, UK, PaKistan, Singapore, Spain, Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas

Popular for: Donuts, hot/ice/frozen beverages and sandwiches.

Dunkin Donuts

The taste you will never forget, the delicious perfectly sweet donuts with a hot cup of cappuccino perfectly blends the taste and is an absolute complete breakfast to give you the energy to keep going. Whether its morning or thinking about a snack, it’s a perfect place for you to dash in.