50 most fascinating social media statistics & figures in 2012

social-media2012 is now reaching to its end. The year was all a mixture of ups and downs where we saw one social media loosing its subscribers, while the other taking off the market. Social Media has turned into the most gigantic network in the world, providing the owners a great deal of business, and also a huge platform for the users to keep themselves connected with their friends and family. Let us get a glimpse of the most fascinating moves in terms of statistics and figures that attracted a good audience in the year 2012.

Pinterest statistics and figures


  1. 1 hour 17 minutes is the minimum or at least an average time, an American Pinterest user stay log in to the account, proved by search engine journal.

  2. A simple visit to Pinterest by a new bee for the first time takes about 16 minutes, claimed by All Twitters.

  1. According to the traces of Sirona Consulting, the Pinterest hits about 10 million U.S monthly visitors.

  2. Ultralinx compared the last year statistics and provided that since May 2011 the number of Pinterest users have been increased up to 2,702.2 percent.

  3. Pinterest serve as a major community blog for women as about 80% of the Pinterest population are women where as 50% of them bears children, a fascinating but true figure by search engine journal.

  4. All Twitter provides an evidence of Pinterest being the first love of women as 97% of fans of Pinterest’s facebook page are women.

  5. All Twitter reveal that majority of the members of Pinterest belong to the age group of 25-34 year olds.

  6. Burson-Marsteller visible proclaims that largest Global companies spent more than 10 million times online in one month and out of 100 most fortune Global companies, 25 percent are using Pinterest.

  7. App Data figured out that about 1/5th of the Facebook lovers are also the routine users of Pinterest, which represents more than 2 million users.

  8. All Face book has understood and is evident, that when it comes to retailing, Pinterest is the choice of preference by 43 percent retailers over minority choosing Face book.

Facebook statistics and figures


  1. Uberly provides an evidence of over one million websites working in integration with Facebook in various ways.

  2. When it comes to like a page or a blog, Facebook proclaims to have 10 or more likes on every page, where as it has total or more than 42 million pages being hosted, amazing truth revealed by Jeff Bullas.

  3. DreamGrow estimated the hue of active users around the globe and figure out that the crowd of active users has increased by 41 percent in South Korea, Japan, India, Russia and Brazil in 2012.

  4. Shot of every action is obligatory to get uploaded by friends on facebook, and Jeff  Bullas encountered a number of 250 million photos being uploaded everyday on facebook.

  5. Jeff Bullas provided an evidence of the fact of facebook popularity as now the counting of active users has reached above 850 millions monthly.

  6. All Twitter recognizes that Facebook has become the common site from day to day gossips to being annoying to girls friends, as around 85% of women are annoyed by their friends on the site.

  7. The most common and majority of the links being shared are related to sex according to the judging eyes All Twitter.

  8. Surprisingly the entire Asia seems to use Facebook, as 21 percent of Facebook users are from Asia where else this small portion corresponds to portion of people which are only 4 percent less of the actual Asia’s population, astonishing!.

  9. According to day-to-day figures Socialnomics has estimated that an individual user of Facebook log into the account not less than 5 times a day.

  10. The American election created a serious hype, according to the huffington post, Obama’s victory photo was liked by 4 million users that are definately huge!

Instagram Statistics and figures


  1. The scent of recent issue in air, whether it is about weather or disaster, its user’s upload a total of 8000,000  photos  of Hurricanes Sandy using hashtag #Sandy, more than pictures uploaded on other sites by its users.

  2. All Things D has estimated and revealed the fascinating huge number of 7.3 millions, which is the number of daily active users.

  3. The Real Time Report reported that since its origin nearly 4 billion photos have been shared by its users.

  4. The users feel happy with its apps and easily kill 257 minutes oppose to 169.9 minutes spent on Twitter in August 2012.

  5. When it comes to marketing a brand, 40 percent of the brands prefer Instagram according to Marketing Land.

  6. It provides the best apps download as according to the Visual.ly post there were 1 million downloads in a day when android app launched.

  7. Sharing photos everyday may not sounds huge but 5 million photos being shared every day is huge!

  8. Other than sharing it has quality and hype, according to Digital Buzz Blog post, 78 million photos has been liked by its users in 2012 only.

  9. According to the post by Siliconrepublic, the users have uploaded more than 150m photos in just 10 months after the origin of Instagram.

  10. It is spreading like a speed of light because in only 6 months span, its daily mobile visitors jumped from 886,000 to 7.3 million, which makes it definitely out of the circle of ignorance as 724 percent leap is not a small figure to ignore.

Twitter statistics and figures


  1. Jeff Bullas highlighted the majority users which mainly belong to USA b 107 million, japan 30 million and Brazil nearly 33 million.

  2. Infographic labs has identified the active number of reactants as Twitter spreads like a perfume in air as every day there are 1 million sign ups onto it.

  3. Socialbaker mentioned in one of its post that majority of the lady Gaga lovers and fans are the followers and users of twitter.

  4. Round the globe, among all the social networking sites, 32 percent of the users are using twitters, illustrated by marketing land.

  5. Web Analytic World explored that 69% of people joining in everyday are suggested friends.

  6. Majority of the twitter is entertained in USA as 141.85 million accounts of Americans represents 27.4% of twitter users.

  7. Web Analytic World expected twitter to build $540 million in advertising.

  8. Infographic labs suggested that there are 175 million requests send everyday by its users in 2012.

  9. Can you believe 11 accounts are built every second on twitter.

  10. Half of its users are using it through cell phones.

Google statistics and figures


  1. Through website monitoring the majority of its users are single and only 27 percent are married.

  2. Google seems to be the choice of man as majority of users are males where as only 32 percent are female users.

  3. Jeff bullas reported that its users spend minimum of 60 minutes a day surfing onto the Google products.

  4. Every day a new traffic of approximately 625,000 passes through it.

  5. Google work in association with 48 Global fortune companies.

  6. Chris Brogan statistically evaluates that every day 60 percent of its users log into it.

  7. According to Remcolandia analysis based on facts and figures, Google is expected tohave 400 million users by end of 2012.

  8. Its user spends an average of 12 minutes per day.

  9. All Twitter revealed that It’s one button app is used 500 million times per day.

  10. Marketers and retailers use Google for marketing and majority of them plan on increasing Google activities.

Hope that you really enjoyed the quick flash back of the most happening shares and updates of your most favorite social media.

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