10 Famous Celebrities who wear Gucci as a Major Brand

Famous Celebrities who wear GucciEvery year a new face spreading a sensation around the globe with their campaigns for Gucci, whether it’s about bags, jewelry or perfumes celebrities wish to wear what deserve them not what they like. Gucci has been one of the best Italian fashion and leather good brand that leave you addicted after one dose. The following is the list of 10 Famous Celebrities who wear Gucci as a major brand and were the faces spreading the sensation of Gucci and still acknowledge the purity and eloquence of brand enjoy reading.

1)Annabella Sciorra

Annabella Sciorra...

The Brooklyn girl, who love to sing and dance since her childhood is blessed with the dark and intelligent looks that make audiences take her seriously, loves to stay descent but she is a profound lover of art, colors and Gucci products wearing them casually.

2)Blake Lively

Blake Lively

The American girl who is carrying forward the family tradition of showbiz and endorsements is a face of Gucci Premier is also an avid collector Gucci product, from perfumes to wallets she has all matching to her style of personality. She has also been featured in Chanel Spring line 2011 and Make up for ever campaign.

3)Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt

The five times Golden Globe Award heart throbbing American nominee loves to cruise around in style in his BMW. How can you expect a man, who has recently reported to buy a private jet, has endorsements to brands like new luxury Sedan Cadillac XTC and has $7 million endorsement of iconic French perfume Chanel No. 5 would be sparing Gucci? He was one of the recent faces who were featuring the Gucci’s most recent collection for spring.

4)Camilla Belle

Camilla Belle

The daughter of a fashion designer surely has as an exquisite taste for clothing and accessories. The American actress knows exactly what to wear with her eloquent style especially when getting ready for Costume Gala in New York. The prehistoric perfect body and beautiful face enjoy endorsements from Vera Wang Princess perfume line, Samsung and Miu Miu how could you expect the beautiful smile won’t be promoting Gucci. She is in love with Gucci perfume lines and wears them often.

5)Candice Bergen

Candice Bergen

The fashion model has been balancing her life from endorsements to motherhood. She loves to spend her evening with her daughter, shopping and collecting Gucci products as she believes they have an eloquent style which goes perfectly for them.

6)Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore

From acting to directing she knows exactly the perfect timings and words that goes perfectly with her exquisite style. The charming American model has been featuring United Nation World Food programmed, Cover Girl and signed in fall 2007 to be the face spreading the fragrance and jewelry of Gucci across the world. She is often found wearing them occasionally.

7)Evan Rachel Wood

Evan Rachel Wood..

The beautiful actress definitely catches the audience attention even being pregnant, walking out in her rock ’n’ roll outfit, that clearly defines she is still on the list of being noticeable. The 27 year old singer was selected as a new face for the Gucci in 2010 though she has been replaced now but still she loves to wear it around.

8)Faith Hill

Faith Hill

The American pop singer who has recently unloaded her new home that is actually made up of four houses for $20 million, which is in the heart of America, Tennessee has been living luxurious princess life, enjoying the love, fame and money with her endorsements like Cover Girl, Pepsi and signed Coty to created her signature fragrances Faith Hill true Fragrance. She casually loves to put on Gucci other then her signature perfumes.

9)Kate Moss

Kate Moss

The most controversial supermodel, which rose to fame in early 1990s probably due to fabulous style, is the most stunning and gorgeous model of her era whose face is seen from Calvin Klein to Bvlgari. She has a quite different lifestyle from that of the other supermodel and because of that she has to say good bye to big endorsements like H&M and Burberry but Gucci is one of the brands she is still wearing and promoting.

10)Katherine Shane

Katherine  Shane

The American actress who has an Irish, German and Scottish ancestry has definitely inherited the genes of acting looks. She has featured into many movies where she loves to wear Gucci on screen. The women have much of her closet filled with Gucci Jewelry.


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