Facebook’s New Plugin Offers a Better Way to Control Privacy

New plugin for facebook privacyFrom the day Facebook emerged in the online world, it has been a victim of Privacy issues that has affected many of its users, if not professionally, then personally for sure! It has been seen that a normal user with less or no security knowledge often considers placing privacy on Photos and Videos, as the only measure to protect his account. However, the reality is different. The applications that you use on Facebook can access all your data and can use it anyway the developer wants. Not only has this, but the content that you share from different sites on your Facebook Page also somehow become an important factor in violating the security of your account.

The New Plugin!

Ensuring a complete security been provided to its users, Facebook has now introduced a “Shared Activity” Plug-in that will help people in controlling the activities they share to Facebook Directly from their Web application. This plug-in has been found really effective in terms of controlling open Graph Built-in Actions. From the plugin on sites such as Airbnb (a good example to be used here), people can set the default Facebook audience for activity shared from your app, or manage the settings for stories previously published to Facebook, including selecting an audience or removing it altogether.

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What’s New in “Shared Activity” Plugin?

To make it easier to understand, This Shared Activity plug-in actually list your activities that are published from your applications to Facebook, like Open Graph activities, as stated above, as well as the comment plug-in activities, the like button stories and lot more. This means that now you have all the rights to modify the privacy settings of the activities, like listening songs, playing games, etc. by this plug-in. Similarly, if a person, through a travel app, likes a restaurant or reviews a hotel, and decides that these activities should only be viewable to a select group on friends on Facebook, he can control this within the plug-in as well.

Why To Use This Plugin?

Do you hate to modify privacy settings for your activities, each time your activities get published on your Facebook? NO doubts about it. Using this Shared activity plug-in saves your time by giving you an instant control on your privacy settings for your activities. It provides an easy way to configure the privacy settings on an individual level while removing unwanted activities that are shared back to Facebook.

Facebook is coming up with some magnificent improvements each day to keep its users happy with this social media when the online world is all full of competitions in the Social Networking world. Let’s see what next comes from the Facebook Team to make things better, simpler and effective.

Happy Facebooking!

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