Facebook Turns Photo Tag Suggestion On: Privacy again at Risk!

tag suggestion featureIt is a fact that when you have as many users as Facebook has, you cannot keep everyone happy and satisfied. Since the day Facebook came into being, it was known for the privacy leverage that it offered to its users, allowing them to keep their privacy settings the way they wanted. However, time changes and so does the policies and this is what Facebook users have been going through. It is only few hours back that Facebook shared an important announcement on its privacy page stating that it has re-enabled its photo Tag Suggestion feature!

What is Tag Suggestion Feature?

Although most of you must know what we are talking about, it is important to tell our readers slightly about the tag feature. If you have ever uploaded photos on your Facebook account, you must have come across the feature where it asks about tagging your friends on their detect faces before publishing the images.

This Tag Suggestion feature was often taken as an unwelcomed feature by the users who believe in keeping their privacy high. What happened is that when a friend of yours add a photo of you, he tags you through the face detection and recognition software that publishes that photo of you on your wall, visible to all your friends until and unless you have set your privacy high. What was noticed by a survey is that many of the naïve users hardly know much about the privacy settings or are either not concerned about taking precautionary measures and lands up with serious issues.

Tag Feature-Why Back?

The feature was introduced in 2010 and was available to the world but the users all over the world seemed unhappy with it. The feature also earned a bad name probably as it was set as default and people genuinely find it too difficult to get rid of it. It went offline last year temporarily on the basis of technical improvements and just yesterday Facebook has officially announced the feature is back!

The User Response

It is interesting to find that the post stating the come-back of the feature has been able to earn only 185 likes by now which is not surprising. Out of billions of users, only few seem happy with it, while others are still silent about the news. Because tags are suggested to you automatically, this streamlines the process of tagging photos, and is a way of Facebook to more accurately measure your social graph based on the photos in which you are tagged. Of course, that then improves Facebook Graph Search.

Setting High Privacy

For the users who do not know much about how to secure their accounts and privacy, here is what they need to do. To opt out of the feature:

1) Go to Account Settings

2) Click on Timeline and Tagging

3) Select “Who sees Tag Suggestions when photos that look like you are uploaded?”

Facebook is getting smarter and the latest moves that have been taken by the time by now are showing that the team has some higher goals to achieve rather than protecting the interests of the users.

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