Facebook New Features in 2013

facebook new features 2013When was the first time you started using Facebook? ‘Oh! I don’t remember but probably I was in 2nd grade’. Yeah right! That’s the answer what you get now. No doubt, the marvelous features have made it eternally acceptable by any age group, but it’s a fabulous way to stay connected and engage your snoopiness in your friends’ lives making Facebook beautiful. Indeed every move or changes introduced are highly appreciated, Mark Zukerberg is still driving on the roads of innovations and remodeling.  As the social networking is increasing drastically, new improvements have been seen in the social media websites to facilitate the users and keep them connected. Here are the latest and worth knowing features been introduced by Facebook this year.

What’s the deal now? What’s new?

For the first time in a long time, Facebook looks beautiful, manageable and cleaner especially with its most admiring feature, the feed filter. You might be knowing dozens of people whom you don’t want to offend by unfriending them , but you also don’t want to see them in your news feeds every day, because frankly speaking you don’t care about them neither you got time to read everybody’s’ day. All you need to do is to simply move them to ‘acquaintances’. By that, you are actually eliminating them sweetly from taking up space on your news feeds. Besides now you won’t be missing your best friend’s status updates anymore because Facebook is actually remodeling the feeds chronologically, i.e. deciding on its own for you on which of your friends you are most likely to want to see news feeds from.


What else to notice on the roads of remodeling?

Here is what you shall not miss!!

Black Bar

see no facebook logo, with black bar at left side and news feed option at right

It seems like it has gone through complete transformation, the new flip-flop Facebook home page is no more exhibiting the Facebook stamp over the page, besides the big black bar on left side of your screen is illuminating enough to show that who is online to chat, your entire app world, Pages, games and Friends. Get used to of it because this won’t go away.


bigger pictures

It’s time for a big picture now. Say bye bye too mini-tiny pictures and welcome the big pictures that are in front and center on the new Facebook. It’s giving you a good size to see all of the pictures at once. Enjoy no more crawling picture to picture.

Posting comments

Clicking ‘more’ while you are writing an important post of your life to post, could definitely hamper and break the flow. Here the best thing you will notice will be, Facebook is giving more space to you to write. No more breaks while writing.

Highlighting people

 Customize your page, share with just the right people who will find them most interesting, without worrying about annoying others with news feeds about which they are least bothered. Say what you want to say to your highlighted Close Friends and Family.


It was never been easy before to follow the games and the latest songs your friends listening to, until now when under ‘Following’ feed you can keep an eye on musicians you and your friends following and see how many stages they are down in the games they are currently playing. Check it out. You will definitely find it cool.

We don’t want to ruin your excitation by disclosing everything here. Let’s keep it a surprise unless you find out yourself what Facebook has done with live news ticker and chat/messaging and whether it has done anything to turn off those annoying Suggested Posts. Check it out and let us know your comments what you think of this change.


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  1. I think this design looks really cool! The 1st time i use facebook is when i was studying in college about 6,7 years ago, till today, fb was freakishly addictive to me 😀

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