Make Your Facebook Mobile Applications With Fan Page Mobilizer! latest reveal

facebook fanpage mobilizerFacebook being the largest Social Media has always devoted equal attention to the marketers and their fan pages. Brand pages have been a greatest source of success for Facebook. Having a fan page is something very normal by now; but think of owning your own fan page applications for smartphones. The thought itself speaks what magic it can spell out and with the latest reveal of Facebook’s Fan page mobilizer, the owners of small business have been overwhelmed!

Fan Page Mobilizer?

Facebook Fan Page mobilizer is a Facebook application, created by Cabana, a well known mobile app builder. It enables the fan page owners to turn their fan pages into a mobile app by simple drag and drop methods for a price as low as $5.

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The application enjoys its immense significance because of the fact that Facebook fan pages are easy to create for small businesses but it sometimes is out of question for these businessmen to think about launching their stand alone mobile application. Fan Page mobilizer makes it efficient and easy to put up the content of the fan page into a stand-alone mobile application. This web based mobile application extracts the information from fan page and presents a customized view, as designed by the owner.

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Starting up with this incredible application is simple. Identify the pages you need to include in your mobile application, choose a title for pages and select images for your icon and start – up screen. Cabana has been flexible enough to allow the owner to include any information from his fan page to his mobile application, for example wall posts, images, events, pictures, etc. the application reloads itself each time you use the application as the content is extracted from the fan page every time, providing you all the latest updates.

Creating a mobile application of your favorite fan page which you love to follow is also possible. It is not necessary that you have to be an owner to turn your own fan page into your mobile application. The fan pages you are actually following and want to get them in your smartphones, cabana has opened doors for you.

Being launched lately in the market, its first version only works for iOS devices at the moment. According to the news that has been prevailed just after the launch of it, application for Android is on its way soon

How to Turn your Fan page into Mobile app?

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1)Log into your Facebook and add the Fan page Mobilizer app to your account.

2)Now that you have got the access, explore it first of all. You need to pick a model of web application you are planning to have.

3)Choose the fan page you want to turn into a mobile application.

4)Customize your application with giving it a name, start up splash screen, icons and all you want.

5)Your application is all set now to be downloaded and used from mobile phones.

6)You will receive a link which will work as an installer for you. This link will send a prompt to the visitors clicking on it for installation.

Facebook is being smart enough to play with minds of not only the home users but also facilitating the small business by providing some clever strategies to keep going ahead. No social media by now has ever shown such a progress. Let’s hope that the new application turns out to be another hit and do a great business for Facebook and- for the consumers!

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