Why Facebook Mobile-App Use Increased 115% in 2013?

Why facebook mobile-app use increased in 2013Facebook Inc. is one of those self-made companies which have enjoyed the best of their lucks initially in their career but when it comes to the progress report of Facebook only, the statistics show a huge variation in terms of no. of users and its overall popularity.

Now that the year 2013 has bid us a final goodbye, it seems interesting to see that this year only has increased the use of Facebook mobile app up to 115% as compared to its utilization back in 2012. Big Social media sites are busy cracking this news and here we are with some decent reasons that why Facebook Mobile-App Use Increased 115% in 2013 actually.

Facebook App Use increased in 2013

1) Facebook’s app development-A commendable job!

The best part of this software and E-media industry is that there is no end when it comes to developing the masterpiece. By the mid of 2011, the Facebook users started realizing that there is a big room for improvement especially those who still were not using smartphones. 2012 turned out to be a lucky year for the mobile phone industry as it proved out as an opportunity for the developers and online businesses. Facebook’s app has been polished greatly where one update after another offered a better usability and an improved functionality to its user in 2013.

2) An Overall increase in the Smartphone users

‘Which Android version does your smartphone has?’ This is no more a strange question you see. As stated above, the previous three years can be considered as the years of real development where the industries have targeted a mass audience for selling their smartphones. This spread of smartphone unanimously all over the world has given Facebook some better statistics to show this year. It is obvious that when one pay around $200 for device, he is much likely to use every app which comes free and Facebook is one of them.

3) Facebook and its Unpredictability

With the new functionalities added into it and the privacy concerns users normally have, the users prefer to be in touch with the latest happenings on their profile so that they can keep a track of everything which or might come their way.

4) A considerable fall in Facebook Use!

While we see social media sites enjoying this news, the reality stands tall still that throughout the last year, there has been a decline in the no. of Facebook users. If you are like me and cannot leave Facebooking completely and hate its newly introduced privacy measures, then all you are left with is this app which shows you half of the picture that you want to see and not the garbage which comes under the title of ‘Other Messages’.

So this was a quick analysis on why actually the use of Facebook app increased to such an extent in 2013. All from our side, it’s now your turn to contribute your share!