Facebook Mobile App Available in Regional Languages In India–Latest News!

Facebook in Hindi - Regional Languages - on cellFacebook has proved itself keen enough to grab the market in every way possible. With the advent of Facebook Timeline few months ago, Facebook enjoyed to be one of the hit controversial topics. With moderate achievements, it then took another smart move, introducing Facebook timeline for Brands, making social Media a unique way to market the products. The Craze of Cover Photos can simply not be neglected. And now, Facebook has Targeted, The Indian Regime!

The Facebook application for Cell phones was launched in July 2011, Facebook have over 350 million mobile users worldwide. The statistics have shown that Facebook is the third largest website for online advertising in India. With the increasing popularity of Facebook among the local people of India as well as other Asian Countries like Pakistan, Facebook has introduced FB Mobile Application with 8 different regional Languages for the Indians.

This clever strategy intends to attract more consumers in the Indian Market, providing a better growth rate of the Mobile Internet, as well as targeting the potential users of regional Languages.

The enormous move has been highly appreciated throughout India, and the Mobile companies seem overwhelmed with it too. Country Growth Manager of Facebook, Mr. Kevin D’Souza has been reported to have said about it as:

“With over 50 million people in India on Facebook, we want to make sure that everyone has a great Facebook mobile experience regardless of the device that they choose to use, The launch of ‘Facebook for every phone’ mobile application in Hindi and the other regional languages enables more people to connect and share anytime and anywhere,”

The Regional Languages that have been given this privilege are:

Hindi – the Indian National Language that is unanimously understood – spoken










The application is available on almost all Nokia Sets and smartphones. All you need is to download your own regional – customized Facebook mobile application directly from your mobile Browsers.

Just like Facebook has turn towards the Indian Market, other Asian countries might enjoy their Facebook accounts in their native languages too.

Lets keep our fingers crossed!


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