Facebook to Launch Video Ads in News Feed!

video ads, sun silk fans incrase 10 folds with video adsFacebook is gearing and constantly stepping into transmogrification is stepping ahead with news after a fantastic filter feed move. There is news that auto play videos ads may be soon introducing in the Facebook news feed according to AdAge. Firstly these ads will be targeting desktop and later the company is planning to launch it for mobiles and other accessories. As per AdAge an add will not last for more than 15 seconds. They may be pop up versions of ads or opening in different window.

Why Facebook planning to introduce video ads


Advertisers really need a rich media, a bigger picture and an engaging advertising experience; historically it is not fair enough with the traditional picture, so Facebook is providing a bigger picture for advertisers to deliver much more engaging advertising experience. Facebook’s goal is to attract advertisers that would normally buy TV ads, according to AdAge. This well known social network site already has ads on the side bar of sides which don’t have auto play and don’t expand or pop up.

Authenticity Of This News

The VP of Facebook , David Fischer accepts that auto play ads might be distracting and irritating but they are sure to deal with this problem easily. At Wednesday’s Future of Media Keynote with Fisher, Fortune magazine’s senior editor at large Adam Lashinsky opened the conversation about video ads saying, Wall Street is clamoring for them. Fischer explained they already exist in one form. Marketing people will be allowed to post video ads and then they will be paying so that they can be seen by other people.

What Would Be The Reaction Of Users About It?

user's response, love it or hate it.

Yes off course users must be shocked about this news as they soon will be having very irritating stuff on the social network site they love most. May be many users of Facebook will start hating Facebook due to these auto play adds on or might even possible that Facebook brings something charming in this as always it has kept its reputation. But since the transformation and invention of feeds filter and redesign an extra sub category is added, Facebook users may be able to tolerate various types of video promotions.

Can Facebook go on with this idea without losing the love of its users?

According to Fischer ,Facebook’s VP of Business and Marketing Relationships, business runs on risk and there are always destructive and distracting experiences however keeping the trust of their users they have tried their best to keep the balance between user experience and advertiser experience. That is reason this has yet not launched unless Facebook finds itself fully satisfied with the way they will going to implement this. Facebook is even helping the advertisers to find out ways in which they can make a comprehensive link between TV commercials and video ads on Facebook. Obviously no one would be willingly clicking the ads but if starts automatically and immediately grasp the interest of the viewer then it will be cool.

video ads coming ot facebook

That might be justified for Facebook to steal the business from TV without viewers will, but that’s how the market rolls. Facebook needs money to operate but some will still complain. Like it or not, advertising is the life-blood that keeps the consumer Internet free.

Whether these video ads will boost the audience or damage reputations depends on the situation. What do you think once you log into the account and at the background the ads played automatically, will it be irritating or you will enjoy? Leave and share what you think of this new feed.


5 thoughts on “Facebook to Launch Video Ads in News Feed!”

  1. After the pay for message scheme this one is even more pathetic.. Agreed facebook needs money but then this will ruin the basic idea after which zuckerberg created facebook. He was and i guess is of the opinion that ads are not cool! (quoted from The Social Network)
    What say?

    • Honestly speaking, the idea really sucks. Just like the Facebook Timeline, people would soon start hating it more and there are all possibilities that Facebook might reject the entire idea of doing so.

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