Turn your Facebook hours into Cash, Learn 5 Ways to Make Money using Facebook!


Hey guys, I m sure all my readers are facebookers who love walling friends, uploading pictures, sharing videos ,playing Farmville, but then what? Honestly speaking, we need to ask a question to ourselves that what we are getting in return of wasting precious hours of our lives. So I planned something for you. In this post you will learn 5 best techniques in which your Facebook can bring money all your way! Just imagine!

one plus point about it is that its all free. this means that  you do not need to pay for anything (unlike few idiotic sites). Making money was never so easy. But again, you need a market! In this case your market will be your Facebook friends. If you do not have a friend list up to 100s’ of friends, you can either invite few or you can do that by software’s available for this purpose !

Let’s see how!

1. Show Ads on Facebook

Facebook allows you to show up Ads on your fb with Facebook applications. You can use AdSense, and many other PPC marketing companies to set up your Ads. You can then also customize them. However you have to be keen enough here to advertise the product or services that you are sure, your Facebook audience will definitely like!

2. Become a fb Volunteer!

Facebook is the largest of all other social media. Each day, it’s attracting more and more members, but not all the members are so good with it initially. What you can do is, you can write some kind of an e-book on, let’s say, initial steps to get started with Facebook! It is necessary to mention here that a considerably large amount of Facebook applications are added every day, and you can add them in your e-book too. You also do not have to pay for any promotion for your e-book. Create it; promote it via your Facebook even. and think of the  rewards Facebook can give you for doing something such big for the biggest social media out there!

3. Affiliate advertising on Facebook

Theme is same as in point # 1, but this is more proper. You need to register with affiliate networking sites like Maxbounty, clickbank,etc , to pick a product you are interested in promoting. This registration is free! You will then get a simple code which will be linked with your affiliate id embedded in it. Now with someone clicking on that link will make an inflow in your revenue. Once it starts working for you, you can create an entire new Facebook for that product.

4. Facebook Blogs

The most common, yet effective method to make money is to start a blog! If you are good with facebooking, you maight start blogging about facebook. Once you are done with building a blog, Only then you can use AdSense to show ads on your Blog and earn money.

Once you establish yourself as a trusted authority for anything related to Facebook, you will soon get sponsors, you can use affiliate networking sites to find and promote such products! That is somehow time taking but the results are finest too!

5. Show your skills with FB applications

I have been recommending in my previous posts, like in “how to make money online by blogging in 2012” that you need to learn few things like web designing, web developing, programming Languages. Again if can make some kind of a Facebook application, your life is at peace. Create your Facebook applications and sell it! Promotion strategies are same as above.

Enjoying life, seeking fun is really good, but think about doing all that along with something productive. By the end of the day, that is what important.

Best wishes.

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