Facebook Home Android app- the Critical Side

facebook homeapSmart phones have changed the technology world big time. They are being used by almost everybody around us and have literally brought the entire world on our finger tips. Another technological revolution we have seen in the recent past is the advent of Facebook and yet it has no end. It is turning into a giant monster, taking a control over every next thing and this time its your smartphone. This revolution has taken a new avatar in the form of ‘Facebook home android app’. This app has got many Facebook addicts going mad as it enables one to be constantly updated with the activities of their friends. No doubt it is one the most popular apps found in android phones. But many people forget that need to know a thing or two before using it. This is where this article comes to your rescue.

We did share the news about Facebook’s next big move and here we are again to share some of the drawbacks one should have in mind before using this app.

1. Invasion of your smart phone:

Turning on the phone automatically opens this app which means that your phone gets bombarded with everything your friends are doing. You see the photos they highlight and their status updates to name a few. This in turn leads to a Facebook invasion of your phone where you are no longer in control of it. Even a phone call can become an ordeal with the Facebook app. So if your life is not Facebook-centric, you may find this app hard to cope with.

2. An irritating experience:

Sometimes this app gives you information which you never wanted to have in the first place. You wouldn’t necessarily want to know what Daniel is doing. Once you cope with this piece of unnecessary information you get another update in a few seconds. This can be an irritating experience even for the Facebook freaks.

3. Chatting with friends becomes tricky:

Facebook chat can be a bit of an ordeal when it come this app. It may appear to be fun if you play with your friends’ profile photos that appear in a small circle on the side. You can move the photos around before putting them into trash. But when you try to use your phone for dialing a number (the primary reason why we use phones), your friend’s head becomes an obstruction in dialing numbers.

4. Messed up photos of your friends:

Another issue with this app is the fact that you cannot view your friends’ complete cover photos. Since the app is designed for vertical photographs, it cannot completely accommodate the horizontal cover photos leaving you with only a snippet which shifts over in seven seconds.

Furthermore viewing a photograph uploaded by your friends has the same level of difficulty. Tapping and keeping fingers on the screen is required for viewing the complete photo. Here I clearly prefer the regular Facebook apps instead of the Facebook home app.

5. No privacy anymore:

Smart phone users with Facebook home app can have their privacy at risk. Since Facebook home is always on and your smart phone has GPS meaning you along with your smart phone can be detected by anyone.

Ouradvice to anybody planning to use Facebook home app on smart phone is to keep all these drawbacks in mind. Because everything that glitters is not gold.


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