FACEBOOK GIFTS: How To Send Gifts to Your Friends

send gifts on facebookSending and receiving gifts is merely more than a pleasure and a way to express feelings. For people who are miles and miles away, sending an online gift or a card is It seems like Facebook has decided to give all its big shots this September. While we recently shared much on Facebook’s new moves regarding security and plugins, also discussing the latest bug that has taken the entire world in its reach. Now that the world was waiting for something good coming their way from the Facebook team, it is the “Sending Gifts” option again available on Facebook.

“Gift Shop” is ON again!

If you go back few years back, say 2009, Facebook used to offer a service of sending online gifts to your friends. The option was all visible next to the post and photo sharing option. The service is back in U.S. and soon will be available in other countries as well.

facebook gifts to send

Sending gifts was never too easy and systematic as it would be with Facebook’s Gift shop. A small present box will be visible on your timeline. All you need to do is to click on it and an entire shop would appear on screen from where you can select your gifts in the first stage. Once you are done with the selection, it’s now the time to decide which payment method suits you the most. Facebook gives you a leverage here and you can always choose to pay later, once the gift is been delivered. You can always manage your privacy concerns by having all rights reserved to either share the gifting update private or share the news publicly. The moment you send a gift to your friend, he gets notified via an email, Phone or on Facebook Page.

Why Gift Shop went OFF?

Facebook’s gift shop went offline in August 2010 to promote other features of Facebook that were newly introduced at that time, for instance Photos, News Feed, Inbox, Games, Comments, and obviously, the Like Button.

It was also calculated at that time that the option was not able to grab an audience that would have used this online gift sending option. However, with sites like olx.com and others, people have started rusting online medium for the girt services. Not only this, Facebook has also won the hearts of its users in these 2 years and the team is hoping to expect some great profits with this option.

Sending gifts is always a good practice, especially when its an occasion, Hope that you utilize the feature to its fullest!


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