6 Highly Rated Facebook Games in 2012

facebook gamesFacebook is a real fun, especially when you are in love with the games that it offers. There was a time when almost every Facebook user was rich enough to own a farm at Farmville, However, 2012 did not turn out to be a lucky one for Farmville, it did give a good platform to some new ones in the social media market. Giving final touches to this year, here are the top 6 highly rated games of Facebook that kept you all entertained in 2012.

1) Angry Birds Friends

Angry Birds Game

No more steeling of birds’ eggs by green pigs as you can save them by using unique powers of angry birds to destroy the greedy pigs defenses. Angry birds certainly do not need an introduction, any website or mobile apps are considered incomplete without angry birds as they are now become one of the greatest gaming titles in history of games. What makes this bird- slinging game so perfect on facebook is its integration and graphics which are hard to find on mobile and desktop. The simple rivalry has turned into a battlefield where simple stage of war is turning from simple puzzle game into different planets of gravitational field and then upgrading to star wars.

2) Sim city social

sim city social

Building a city could never be a piece a cake without help of Sim City Social. There are thousands of games comprising of setting up a city but no other game could be so organize. Play it but live it like real, enjoy the essence of living hardships. Sim city social have a lot more to offer than you can imagine all it takes is few clicks and real life will be in control of you in clicks. From interior designing till interacting with this game surely need a round of applause for calculating each and every aspect of life in its true meaning and letting the players feel it the same way it happens in real life. Surprise gifts to give away stuff sims city social have the charm to attract the players in every way a fun loving person can think of.

3) The Friends Game

the friends game

Do you claim to know everything about your friends? Let’s find out how much you know about them. The Friends Game is about question and answering, it is about answering your friends’ personality, views, secrets and ongoing life. With each correct answer you get extra energy to play few more minutes next day. If you are a new bee then questions answered about you will appear in front of you if you agree to what your friends suggested about you, you will be giving them extra points and same reciprocal question and answering will be helping you. The game seems to hold potential as it is more like a party style game and besides, it is created by the development team of Zynga’s New York office who initially created iPhone puzzler Drop7, the all time favorite, so for sure it is going to be another hit. Do check it out.

4) Marvel: Avenger Alliance

marvel Avenger alliance
It is time to save the world! Team up with every possible Marvel hero and fight against the world’s most powerful villains. Within a year of its origin, now there are around 5.1 million people playing so far, so for sure you need to check it out too and play it to save the world from Dr.Doom, Loki and the world’s most powerful villains. Team up with the Avengers, X-men, Spider-Man and S.H.I.E.L.D and ruin the plans of the deadly beasts. Each hero has weakness and strength, gear them up with every levels and fight against the evil powers, you need to play smartly or else you will be drowned by the evil forces. There are also smart moves- like sending heroes on solo mission which gives it a more depth that you can actually expect from a facebook game.

5) You Don’t Know Jack

Looking for pitting against your friends without pestering them then here is your perfect spot to lash out. The game comfortably toes the line between ‘social’ and ‘annoying’ but it is still filled with bizarre and humor blend with short burst of pop-culture trivia. The creators are constantly bringing the new episodes so avid player will never see the same content.

6) Jetpack Joyride

Looking for short and instant free style addiction than you definitely need to check it. Pilot the Barry Steakfries, the main character, run freely in the entire treacherous laboratory on his stolen jetpack and collect the coins and vehicles. With increase collections you gear up to more speed until the inevitable crash. Enjoy the humor and free style for 2 minutes as the game last for few minutes only.

Playing games on Facebook is what most of us love to do, isn’t it? Please feel free to add your favorite game in the list too Smile


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