Create Facebook Events Without Irritating your Friends!

facebook eventsif you are socialite and love to plan events for your university, offices or for any general purpose, you might be using Facebook as your biggest tool in order to attract an audience for your event. There was a time when people used to spend thousands of dollars in printing the pamphlets and invitation cards, posters and advertisements to drag a potential audience but with social networking, things are easy and different. Creating an event page on Facebook is something much simpler than actually making a new Facebook profile. Creating an event page and sending requests to your friends to join it is easy, yet  a kind of irritating for the friends who are least bothered about the theme. Being a social icon, it is obvious that you wouldn’t like to spoil your image in your circle, been known as a complete irritating symbol. Therefore, what you need to do is to go through the following point thoroughly and enjoy a peaceful event without experiencing a mess before or after in your circle!

1)Month Long Events

There could be home coming or charity event to be organized by next month and you may need to confirm participation, obviously you’d want the longest period of exposure of your event. It is not bad to create an event a month ago but daily notifications may lead to ignorance because think in this way how would you feel if this event notifying on your calendar for 30 long days. Create short and effective post, so you don’t have to keep reminding every time.

2)Think About Proximity

Follow a rule, “Not everybody can afford to come into your event, so invite those only who could come, but do not bother those who can’t afford to attend and feel sad because they can’t make it” It’s easy to create an invitation on facebook and send it to entire address books but it is difficult to think and exclude well meaning friends who are away, busy, distant or moved to new city. This is called caring! You do not always have to be annoying with your notifications, but later you may send them a lovely missing you message.

3)Political Causes

Facebook is a popular place where in seconds you could see political discourse between friends can get out of hands once you start discussing political causes. But do you think everyone will love to talk about it? You don’t have to invite everyone, those who love will join it themselves or at least think who are interested to get invited for open discussion.


You might have encountered events like “Change your profile pic to your favorite Pokémon” or “My next baby name could be?”. You don’t always have to be part of such discussions, you could simply move on and learn to say no rather than inviting your entire list of friends and continue the  unnecessary chain which are equivalent to Facebook spam.

5)Events for Voting

Poling for best chocolate or choosing between the two venues for the next party was never been so effective because there is you may find even dad’s friends’ families on facebook who are always tracking you, so when it comes to poling social networking sites are best choice. But if you are using it for winning a contest, it may not be a good choice to use, because it may annoy potential voters.

6)Public Parties

How will it sounds to you if you heard you missed the inauguration of your university where everyone was invited? Obviously it will hurt you. But you may find some not so interested and would love to spent holiday at home and enjoy chatting with friends. Though you may invite everyone in courtesy but everyone is not happy to get annoyed by invitations.

7)Decline Politely

You don’t have to let everybody know by posting on the events wall, when you are declining a Facebook invite. Though in courtesy or being gentle man you can send a polite, private note, explaining the reasons of declining, without making others feel embarrassed or awkward. Being polite and gentle would cost you nothing but at least it won’t hurt a heart.

8)Editing Events

“Set and Go”, Make sure everything is confirmed before setting up an event, because minor editing or changing in event details may annoy guests with multiple changing plan and minor tweaks’ notifications.

9)Calendar Squatters

“What will you do before dying on 22?” How come you can think of creating an event over news that world is going to be end in upcoming week. Don’t be part of such community. You may find Facebook a better option to invite your friends on your wedding but it may look more valuable if you can see in person. Don’t just fill your calendar with random events because it may dilute your actual event.

10)Lost Phone

Nothing could be more unlucky for you than losing a cell phone, but once you lose you find facebook a better option to gather everyone’s number but it’s better not to use it because facebook already facing privacy concern, you can simply reissue the sim or same number so who ever text or call you, you can save your contexts again, by this way you won’t be pinging your friends with multiple notifications and privacy issues.

We hope that your events would be more sophisticated  one,

Best Wishes

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