Facebook Deletes Your Pictures Permanently Now

facebook deletes yoru picturs permanentlySince the day Social Media has emerged as an online platform for the world to interact with each other, the security of every user is at risk. Sometimes where your accounts are hacked, sometimes your pictures are in danger. With the arrival of Facebook, Social Medias like Orkut, Myspace,etc, got a serious blow as the features that Facebook introduced were something people were looking for, especially as far as the privacy is concerned. Facebook provided people an option to secure their posts, images, statuses and other personal information. This is one of the major reasons for its success in no time. However what people did not know initially was the Facebook Policy that the images you thought you deleted were never discarded from their server.

Reality Disclosed

Facebook won hearts of many users by giving them a false impression that they had all the command on the data they shared. Even you might not know that the content you used to delete from your profile was always there. Let’s make it clearer. All your data is entered in a database that is specifically created for you at the time of your account creation. This dedicated database stores everything you upload and it remained there for months and years, you even didn’t know by now. When you used to hit delete for a post or a picture, it was only the ‘statuses of the content that used to change from visible to hide. The actual data could be retained from the Facebook URL anytime by the company or by the hackers and could be misused.

The Good News

Facebook authorities were thinking about the matter since a long time as they were questioned about it plenty of times that what good do they get by bringing the privacy concerns in jeopardy. Not only this, but maintaining a huge record of Facebook users that are in billions was also not an easy and cheaper thing to do. Therefore according to the Facebook release this August, the company has decided to delete the photos permanently after 30 days of their deletion from sever.

You can now upload your images and enjoy playing with your privacy the way you want to as now Facebook will delete your data permanently. The news has been appreciated by the users worldwide. Lets hope to hear some more good news from the Facebook Team about their privacy policies, that still have got a large room for improvement.

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