Facebook Launches New Platform To Help Out Developers

Facebook Developers LiveEvery platform wants developers to rally under its banner, and start developing apps for its (vast or not) community of users. Indeed, it is the developers, and not the creaters who really lift a platform up (does Android ring any bells? :P). To that end, Facebook has just announced a brand new platorm, or a channel where it intends to help its evelopers by providing them with the latest news. tutorials, and other helping resource material. Developers Live, as it is called, would be a video site which would feature live, as well as recorded and interactive content. As a developer, you might want to get on-board!

What’s so great about this platform?

Well, for starters, it is a great place to learn about all the tools and techniques used in development. Developers can also learn about the best practices used in development, and the latest news/updates going on. But Facebook already had a Developers’ blog, right? So why do we need a new platform for this sort of work?

Well, this tools aims at providing developers a connection to the managers and engineers who are behind the tools that they’re gonna use. Developers could get access to such people, and learn from them, and even ask them questions.

Besides all this, Facebook aims at interest multiple type of developers at the same time. It will help out Game developers create better web games, it will help mobile developers achieve better optimization for mobile devices, and go deeper into the field to grow their apps. It will even help pub;ishers and web developers get better insights into Facebook, and drive more traffic to their sites through it.

Facebook regularly organizes events around the world. But since it’s a website, it is only fair that it should feature or host events online as well. Hence, the idea of a video site for developers (probably inspired from Google’s Hangout idea). Besides, what better way to learn online than through videos? Personally, I prefer videos over text, especially when there’s a learning curve involved, because it isn’t easy to understand everything from the text.

facebook developers live

The first event scheduled on the site is on the 19th of February 2013. It is titled “What Developers need to know in 2013”, and will be hosted by Doug Purdy. It will be about how web development today, and also about mobile development. It’ll be a really informative event, so try to join it if possible. You can register for the event right on Facebook! (surprised? :P). Enjoy this new source of information, and we’ll see you next time. Stay tuned for more updates. Cheers 🙂

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