Facebook Introduces ‘Create Repeat Event’ option to make organizing Simpler!

facebook recreate eventsEvent marketing was never as easy and productive as it is with Facebook’s event service. Facebook is the largest social media that has conquered the world and it is taken as obvious that more than 80% of the internet users own a Facebook profile. Knowing that they have a mass audience, all at one place to target, the event managers and advertisers have been taking advantage of the Facebook Event page service that helps them to grab a huge audience for their events. Making the service even better, Facebook team has recently introduced a new feature that allows the professional event planners to get facilitated by creating similar events within few minutes.

The Procedure!

If you have ever conducted an event for your school, university, office or community, you must be getting what it is all about. Say, you are an organizer of a concert and succeed in grabbing a good audience in the first try, you can reuse your previous hard work again when you plan the next concert similar to the first one. All you need to do is to go back to that previous event and click on the “create repeat event”. This option will automatically populate new event dialog, restoring the details of the audience, location, the list of users who attended or hosted the last event, and sends them all an invitation.

create repeat event

It is important to add here that you have complete authority to change anything from the previous details like time, location, introduction, reference, photos, etc.

The Limitations!

For the cases where a list of consecutive event is already planned, the feature fails to schedule the creation of events. This means that it differs from the scheduler you have in your calendar and cell phones.

Moreover, there are chances that you might like to conduct a similar event that might have appealed to you when you participated in it. In that case, you need to start from scratch because this option is only valid for the recreation of those events that are hosted by you only and not by any other page. Although Facebook has its reasons not to allow this, particularly to avoid spamming the page audience of that event, it would have been much easier for the marketers to get a hold of targeted audience if there wouldn’t have been this restriction.

The Benefits

With the “create repeat event” feature, event managers can create similar pages in no time, where the invitation is also sent to all potential participants in fraction of seconds. In addition, in spite of filling every requirement manually, the pre defined details can be reused, saving further time. It maintains a good record of the friends who attended the event or were not interested in; this can be helpful in avoiding sending invitations to people who are not interested.

According to the survey that we conducted on different forums, the users are happy about this feature and have already started to get benefited with it. If you are an organizer or have created event pages, then add more about this update.

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