Facebook To Come To An End In 2015


Who needs Facebook with its drawbacks largely increasing in number in the recent past year? Well the Facebook fad is definitely going to take a long time to get diminished and end at the last. Yet it is pre assumed or predicted (more appropriately) that FB is on a countdown towards its end. Question may arise that what’s going to make it doomed since it is one social media giants of all times. That’s somehow true and we should not keep in a denial to accept the popularity and craze that Facebook spread all over the world. But again, every rise has a fall. Following this, we can see the shredded situation of Facebook and its managing team.

Mark Zuckerberg, being a pragmatic man has also seen the fate of Facebook in upcoming years and planning to get recruitment or a better way out soon. Facebook has been so overhyped that it has lost its soul and transformed to a miasma of lurking dangers and disasters. A number of factors have emerged in this regard.

Better replacement

Why Facebook fad started getting faded and users get kind of bored of it? Answer is simple and accurate. Facebook started out as a simple but unique forum that featured options to post funny and interesting pictures and get connected with the buds all around the world. But with new emerging services like Instagram and snap chat, the fame of Facebook faded and lightened. Using Instagram and snap chat has now become cooler than Facebook.

Privacy policies

One of the greatest causes that have been intended to bring Facebook to an end is its lenient and apprehensive privacy and security policies. One can never get satisfied in this perspective and should always be cautious about private stuff and information. People stalk stuff to blackmail their opponents in any case; face recognition algorithms are one terrible thing that you can face through Facebook due to its tagging services.

Awareness in users

People have almost managed to come out of the Facebook charisma and they have been working gradually in this regard. Self security and privacy, in everyone’s opinion comes first. Being social does not require such policies what Facebook provide. The terms and policies keep changing and one never knows what is actually visible on his timeline and who can see what. Shortly, you can never sleep in peace.

Competitive market

As mentioned before, Instagram and snap chat have largely dismissed the basis of Facebook and it has been growing with respect to users’ requirement and consumption. Instagram, according to a report, has 150 million active users sharing 55 millions photos a day keeping all records behind that once were made by Facebook.

No intervention

Facebook has not come up with any considerably phenomenal latest feature in near back. That makes its users bored of it. Getting usual services in routine makes the users go to other services like Instagram, snap chat or twitter.

Complexity and mismanagement

When complexity enters, the failure starts. Complexity in the rules and usage of Facebook has almost killed its long lasting journey. You need to keep up with privacy settings in order to get secured. For this, there are complex steps to maintain different users’ accounts and make lists to customize your friends. Facebook has no more strength to cope up with the management issues.

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