Enjoy Facebook Chat From Your Desktop with FB-Messenger! 2012

fb messenger chat IMChatting on Facebook was the most difficult thing for me as it used to keep you restrict to your Facebook Page, not letting you do anything else. While being engaged on other tasks you needed to keep visiting your Facebook profile all the time to keep the conversation going, which sometimes, or rather, most of the times became a nuisance. Facebook has always been active in unraveling user issues and with the official release of Facebook Chat Instant Messenger (IM), you can keep the world with you from your desktop. This means, no more Facebook opened on browser needed to stay in touch with your Facebook List.

With Facebook’s official release of the IM tool, users can keep a hold on all happening event and getting notified for every single move on their Facebook profile on their desktop. Saving the login time for you, this Facebook Chat Messenger allows you to access your Facebook chats, notifications, friend requests and messages from your desktop. Facebook desktop chat messenger has been designed keeping the traditional IM messengers like MSN and Yahoo’s. you can now chat with all your friends at a time, on a single window, meanwhile doing all your important works on your browser.

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Facebook has ensured the security plan for its users as when you receive a third party notification where you need to request page for permission, the Facebook chat redirects you to that particular page where are then required to sign inn with username and password. Its important to mention here that if you are not using your personal computers, then Facebook Chat messenger can turn out to be a disaster for you if you forget to close it before you sign it out from your Facebook Profile.

The New Facebook application, just like the Facebook timeline is experiencing mix feedbacks from the Facebook users. Discussing its merit and demerit will let you decided whether its an smart utility tool for you or simply a new menace.

The IM Chat Messenger ensures the user security as it redirects to the Facebook page on clicking the third party application. With IM Chat, Facebook Chat was never too fast and entertaining. The simple chat interface is the most attracting feature. Just like Facebook Mobile app, the installation of this tool is extremely easy. if you have not get your hands on it, you will see an installation link on the bottom right of your Facebook that will allow you to keep yourself updated with fast notifications and easy access to your chat room.

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On the contrary, it’s a wonder how Facebook can overlook such basic needs of an Instant Messaging tool. You will be surprised to know that there is no visibility option in this tool. This means that you can never get to know which friend of yours is online. This restricts you to start a conversation yourself, letting the IM Messaging only functional when your friends feel like conversing with you. There is a severe compatibility issue with different operating systems like Linux and Mac. Although it works completely fine with all windows versions, still a great market can not avail the application.

To me, Facebook chat messenger is an average tool which has got a room for a lot of improvement. It’s too early to expect better versions of this IM application, so for the time being enjoy being connected to your Facebook friend list simply from your desktop.

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9 thoughts on “Enjoy Facebook Chat From Your Desktop with FB-Messenger! 2012”

  1. hey interesting article author!!!i jst installed dis messenger 2dy …enjoying i….t hope fb would introduce voice chat nd video conversation in dis messenger!!! btw hatss offfff for dis article… u nd ur team is doing superb job….

  2. good that you are liking it, it irritates sometimes too : )
    being the first version of fb messenger, it is as simple as possible. i m sure all the features will be soon available

    • hey Victoria, how unfortunate the fb users are, can simply be guessed with the fact that there is NO OPTION to see your online friends. read the post thoroughly pal , i have mentioned that

  3. Pls cn just mak a facebook chat comes through, am tired of post.facebook is d bst but 2see our onlin friend 2 chat wit is d main problem pls find something 2do abt it God help u true

    • so rightly said dude, facebook will find something soon to overcome these customer queries :). as mentioned, it is the first version revealed by Fb, keep your fingers crossed for the next upgrade!

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