10 Ways to Use Facebook to Attract Clients

facenook and clientsWhether you are freelancer or a blogger, your business is highly dependent on the power that you own in the social media. For the freelancers, Social media works out as a weapon in getting a hold on some potential clients. However,what is important here is to use the art of utilizing the platform, majorly Facebook.

Here are 10 quick tips that can help you in attracting clients on Facebook.

1. Share information about your work:

Bring current position of your work to let everyone know on what you are working on. For instance,

“Finally now I can put my feet up! I’ve just made ultimate touches to my project; [Link to project]”

It really works

2. Put up photos related to profession:

A famous saying says, “A Picture Paints a Thousand Words”. A visual presentation is far more descriptive than words. Sharing photos of your work and workplace would definitely build your working image in one’s mind which ultimately benefits you in some way.

3. Update your status with profession related stuffs:

Bring up something new every day regarding your work to capture the interest of your customer. New status updates will keep you visible in everyone’s eye.

4. Share your professional news to build integrity:

Talk about your professional achievements; share its pictures and relevant links to better put together your professional reliability and credibility. Such as winning a new project, conceded through a successful interview.

5. Request to give opinions on your work:

“Back seat Driver” may bring some innovative ideas to you through their opinions or views. Even criticism is not always bad. It can be productive if you catch. So share your work related photos and links to get variety of responses which will help you to know the progress of your work.

6. Express your bliss at constructive appraisals:

Convey your emotions! Express your joy at positive evaluations and judgments made by your fans, colleagues, clients or boss. For instance,

“I’m so glad for such a supportive testimonial I got from my boss about my last design project. [Link to testimonial]”

7. Keep posting latest updates

Be in touch with your clients by posting recent updates you have made in your portfolio. This will create a platform to interact on various matters.

8. Converse sociably with clients

Communicate with your potential clients in a friendly manner and ask relevant questions. This may create a good and healthy relationship between you and your client.

9. Generate discussion by raising queries:

The more you discuss, the more you get interesting ideas. Facebook is a platform that can enhance your visibility if you take part. So discuss with your budding clients, you may possibly impress them.

10. Organize face-to-face meeting with potential customers:

Arrange your personal face-to-face meeting with your potential clients because nothing bangs a one on one over coffee if you think you could bring rather amazing to the table with this person.

The social networking sites like facebook actually represent and sell YOU! The above listed ideas will surely help you to create your own image in everyone’s mind and to build valuable relationships and contacts which may upgrade your qualified profile.

Keep in mind you are here to put up on the market yourself so do not restrict networking to certain people. Go wider and far-flung, join various networks, and communicate to different people of diverse industries. You never make out what might bring a superior prospect to raise your professional life.


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