10 Hot Export Markets for Small Businesses in 2013

market small business 2013According to the surveys been conducted by senior analysts, it has been concluded that 2013 has a lot of potential to give a real boost to Global businesses where new markets are emerging, all prepared to conquer it. As a businessman and an owner of a small empire, its really important that you should know the correct places to target to. Here are 10 best countries with a good potential of doubling the profit this year. Have a look!


River front area of Hoi An at night.

Vietnam economy has been growing under the cover of largely growing economies of China and Brazil and thus now stands up with an estimated growth of 5.8 percent. The country provides best working environment for small businesses like franchise, garments, shoes, plastic equipments and machinery, IT hardware and software, etc but also provides harsh and polluted environment where survivor has to face corruption, insufficient protection of individual property and rights and number of other issues.



Brazil is heading with remarkable exponential growth mainly in agriculture processing equipments, computers, consumer products and owns a largest IT market in the world and recently investing heavily in infrastructure development for 2012 World Cup and 2016 Olympic Games. Though it has largest population in South Africa even then its economy grew an estimated 3.11 percent by 2011.


Turkey is politically and economically stable, thereby it provides suitable environment for small businesses like exchange of consumer products and tourism-related products. It is and old ally of U.S thereby import increased in Turkey up to 40 percent between 2009 and 2010, which has increased the growth rate of economy by 4.6 percent. Turkey is member of North Atlantic Treaty Organization and recently has applied for membership in European Union.


The country holds the world’s fourth largest population- half of which is under 30 years of age besides the regular alarming environment together with infrastructure defect provides daily challenges and makes it expensive to do business on the land; even then it has the largest economy in South Asia with a growing economy of 8 percent by 2011. It is one of the top 10 markets for U.S agriculture products. It is a promising market for ongoing financial and banking services, educational training, IT products and services and clean energy.


The Country has third largest South American economy over past 15 years that has transformed from being highly regulated to free market since the free trade agreement has signed in October 2011 between Colombia and U.S. Since then the free trade has sparked a burst in trade mission and by then the country is looking for new ways to do business with U.S. It provides a promising market for transportation consulting and technology, security equipments, data processing equipments and services.


Majority of living belongs to middle class, who are predicted to increase tenfold by 2025, are having big eyes over U.S goods and services thereby there are great deal of import of U.S products and services. Though the country faces transportation, infrastructure and high tariffs issues, it still provides promising market for electronics, food processing and cold storage equipments and good education services.

7)South Africa

South Africa
South Africa has been successful in seeking attention of many investors due to its stable banking system and a developing infrastructure that provides a business friendly environment which attracts and pull the investors to the land. It mainly attracts investing in IT consulting and equipments, transportation services and franchise in various sectors.


Though Mexico has different legal system than that of U.S even then the country is under free trade agreement with U.S and made exchange of about $850 million per day thereby it is the second largest export market for American products. It ensures a promising market for packaging and plastic, tourism and related products besides it also provides varieties in market of consumer products, housing and construction sides.


Morocco is a leading player and a compatible competitor in North African market as it is the first African country to reach a trade agreement with U.S. By last year its economy grows by 5 percent. The low labor cost is a surplus point that attracts many European companies which use it as a hub for their African sales and operations. It provides a promising market for products of water treatment, security equipment, building construction and safety.


Nigeria is working on goal of becoming one of the top 20 economies in the world by 2020, thus to achieving this goal it is undergoing many productive agreements and changes. The appetite for American products has increased and there by this hunger is responsible for 40 percent imports made into the region. Due to transportation infrastructure, the high potential for fraud and increase crime rate is alarming many investors but even still business challenges Nigeria provides promising markets for automotive parts, marine vessels, health-care equipment’s and financial services.

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