The 10 Most Expensive Screenplays of All Times

EUROTRIPWhat makes  a movie hit is undoubtedly its script. However, wonders that despite of providing the  actual ingredient for a movie, the script writers still get a pretty less share in the returns.

Here are 10 of those scripts that have been paid the most by now.

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10) A Knight’s Tale

Net Worth: $2.5 Million


An unfortunate movie that couldn’t even make break even out of the humongous budget of $65million the movie produced only $56million. It is a story of determined person who transformed himself into a knight after his master’s death to explore the glory and fame of a knight.

9) Mozart and the Whale

Net Worth: $2.75 Million


Ron Bass through the magic of his pen earned $2.75 million. However the movie was a great flop in the history of Hollywood cinema. Produced on the budget of $12million the movie made just $36 thousands not even enough to produce all the stage work of the movie.

8) The Pink Panther

Net Worth: $3 Million


A detective is out on a mission to solve a murder scene. Steve martin made $3million for rewriting the script and acting in it made him a fortune of $25million. The movie just made million profit out of the whole budget.

7) Medicine Man

Net Worth: $3 Million


The story defines medicine making and love. Tom Schulman earned $3million for this screenplay and the movie made $5million profit in whole. A story based on production of medicine to cure cancer in the jungles of Amazon.

6) Basic Instinct

Net Worth: $3 Million


One of the most sensual screenplays ever scripted and produced. Joe Esterhazy earned $3million for his masterpiece and the movie made $117million out of $50million budget. The movie went on viral in cinemas and true sensation in 1992.

5) Eurotrip

Net Worth: $4 Million


Movie based on the lives of teenagers did not gather much of the crowd in the cinemas and thus a low in fact loss was made in the terms of budget. Script consisting of love, travelling and adventure is just few aspects of the movie eurotrip.

4) Talladega Nights

Net Worth: $4 Million


Story revolving in racing circuit. The script is crafted around a NASCAR driver Ricky bobby who along with his best friend preserves a pact and winning streak in the race. However things changed with the entry of French driver. The movie is full of twist and turns and thus made a huge profit of approximately $74milion.

3) Panic Room

Net Worth: $4 Million


David koepp’s script earned him $4million and made double profit out of the budget in box office. The movie based on the impressments of women and her daughter by her captives in their own house.

2) The Long Kiss Goodnight

Net Worth: $4 Million


Famous writer of block buster Hollywood movie lethal weapon yet again proved himself in 1996 with his master piece of the long kiss goodnight. The movie was super hit and nearly made double the profit invested in its making.

1) Deja Vu

Net Worth: $5 Million


It is the most expensive script in the history of Hollywood ever written. Terry Rossio and Bill Marsilii made their fortune by getting $5million for the script of Denzel Washington movie “Déjà vu”. The movie itself didn’t make much of the profit however the script made them fame by leaps and bounds.

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