Top 10 Most Expensive Houses of the World in 2013

Silicon Valley ChateauLiving at the edge is not even a desire for few while for many, it’s more like a dream –come-true reality. We have been sharing top 10 richest lists with you all and have been receiving a great response and here we are again with something way too interesting. It is obvious that people , the rich ones indeed, who have a net worth in billion Dollars choose a house for themselves accordingly as well. Here are the top 10 most expensive houses of the world according to the statistics revealed.

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Worth: $1 billion

Situated in: Mumbai


The little flawless world of the 19th richest man in the world and richest in India, Mukesh Ambani is spectacularly sparkling through its 27 story glass tower which technically 40 story tall because most floors are double the average height and certainly it’s going to stay at top in the list for some more years. More than the family members, its housing workers as to keep it humming and charming it is undertaken care by 600 staff member. The 570 feet tall house is so huge that there is nothing which you can’t find of the world of ease from theater to yoga studio it can accommodate 168 cars in its garage!

2) Hariri’s London Mansion

Worth: $484.51 million

Situated in: London


The seven-story home which was stoned by Rafiq Hairi as four separate family houses is now on sale for a single family to be the owner and live in the treasure, in September 2012, British news disclose the desire of selling the largest home in London which is next to Buckingham Palace foe $484.51 million making it the 815 times more expensive than the average London home. The 60,000 square foot, conservative and sophisticated looking home claims to contain million of dollar gold leaf and bullet proof windows. We wonder how it feel safe living in the best conductor of electricity: D.

3) The Penthouses at One Hyde Park

Worth: $214 million

Situated in: UK

The Penthouses at One Hyde Park

A house that house has been bought for $214 million if still needs around $90 million renovation what would you expect out of it? A heaven! That is what Ukrainian oligarch Rinat Akhmetov is headed for. Surely the 2 top floors of one of the towers in One Hyde Park, with an astonishing overlook of London’s largest parks through its balconies could only be owned by wealthiest of wealthy. If you don’t feel cooking the Penthouses include 24-hour room services, enjoy the best wines and get enchanted by the superb game in its own squash court.

4) Elena Franchuk’s Victorian Villa

Worth: More than $129 million

Situated in: Kensington District

Elena Franchuk's Victorian Villa

The five-story school has finally turned into a home after further $16 million worth upgrade by Elena Franchuk. In 2006 the house was purchased for $20 million and after renovation and introduction of panic room, gym, Movie Theater, swimming pool and sauna it is given in the hands of Franchuk for $129 million, still it went through millions of upgrades.

5) Dracula’s Castle

Worth: Expected worth is more than $135 million

Situated in: Romania

Dracula's Castle

The bravo Bran Castle, principal home of Queen Marie, one of the old monuments of 14th century, has terrified legends attach to it because of it it’s eminence it was made as a museum. The castle’s current owner, the grandson of Queen Marie, Archduke Dominic Habsburg has put it up for sale, initially the castle was offered to the Romanian Government for $80 million but the offer was rejected. The beautiful palace is still empty to get occupied. If you can’t buy you can’t still have an amazing trip to the terrifying land of Dracula’s former hunt for only $8 and see it for yourself if any of the myths get real.

6) Fleur de Lys

Worth: $125 million

Situated in: Los Angeles

Elena Franchuk's Victorian Villa

The most expensive home of United States is the most beautiful world of Suzanne Saperstein as it is another house inspired by the 17th-century French chateau Vaux-le-Vicomte. The stupefying handpicked French limestone bricked wall externally has giving it a stupendous look while the interior is bedecked with 24-karat gold trim and museum-quality furniture that has Napoleon’s favorite chair and Marie Antoinette’s personal fire screen.

7) Silicon Valley Chateau

Worth: $100 million

Situated in: Unite States

Silicon Valley Chateau

A mansion bought by a Facebook, Groupon and Zyunga investor, Palo Alto Loire Chateau. For the first time in history someone has paid $100 million for a single-family home in United States, which raises a question how can a house on 25,000-square-foot, a French-style chateau, with 14 bathrooms, indoor outdoor pools, ballrooms with a multiple garages and private car wash can be considered as a single family house? Appraisers think he over paid by $50 million.

8) William Randolph Hearst’s Mansion

Worth: $95 million

Situated in: Beverly hills

William Randolph Hearst's Mansion

The Hearst mansion, which was brought for $120,000 in 1920’s has now become a home of publishing magnate William Randolph Hearst in $95 million though it was initially put up for sale for $165 million in 2007 but when nobody showed up the final countdown began in 2010 when a drastic discounted listing price was mentioned. It resembles H over the look from the top. Do not get confused with Hearst Castle as it has 58 bedrooms where as the Mansion has 29 spectacularly luxurious bedrooms where President John F. Kennedy stayed during his honeymoon.

9) Maison de l’Amitie

Worth: $95 million

Situated in: Fla

Maison de l'Amitie

Believe it or not the Trump beachfront property value has been touching skies, and Trump’s Maison l’Amitie house in Palm Beach, Fla was purchased in 2004 for only $41.35 million and now has sold to Abe Gosman, an executive in healthcare industry for $95 million. The 18 bedroom, 80,000 square-feet speeded mansion has its own 100 foot long swimming pool despite of its beachfront view.

10) One57 Penthouse

Worth: More than $90 million

Situated in: New York City

One57 Penthouse

The house in a billionaire building is the most expensive purchase in history of 2012. The 89 and 90th floor of the Midtown high-rise is owned by a secret owner. Whoever got the penthouse is getting quite a bargain, since it was originally listed $115 million. The building offers a panoramic view of Central Park below and will also be the home of the new Park Hyatt flagship hotel.

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