Most Expensive Celebrity Endorsements in 2013

Expensive Celebrity EndorsementsEndorsements sometimes worth more than the movie for celebrities who use endorsements as a popularity stunt and enjoy a decent earning per advertisement in relatively less time. We have been sharing all about the most expensive deals out there in the market and here we are again with an interesting search on the most expensive celebrity endorsements in 2013.

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1)Jay Z

Endorsement Deal: Samsung Galaxy

Deal in: $20 million

Jay Z

The 17 times Grammy Award owner and the most successful artist, is setting himself up for the domination in various markets. Starting from bustling in the projects of Marcy to now accumulating $500 million empire, apart from his biggest sales of his albums and solo, top endorsements helped him to raise the empire. His endorsement deals with Bing, Carol’s Daughter, Rhapsody, Hablot and Reebok where 10,000 sneakers were sold out the moment he signed the brand, the fastest selling pair in Rebook history, has made sponsor to look for him. Now he recently signed multi million contract with the Samsung Galaxy apart from his multi million contract with Budweiser and Microsoft.

2)Catherine Zeta- Jones

Endorsement Deal: T-Mobile

Deal in: $20 million

Catherine Zeta jones

T- Mobile has recently managed to sign a deal with Catherine Zeta- Jones as a spokes model who is a Welsh actress famously known as the Princes of the Spartacus Dynasty or Queen of Wales due to her memorable role, to promote the wireless telecom company. She has endorsements with Di Midolo, Alfa Romeo and Elizabeth Arden.

3)Usain Bolt

Endorsement Deal: Puma

Deal in: $8.6 million annually

Usain Bolt

The fastest man ever and the first man to earn six Olympic gold Medals in Sprinting has earned him the nickname, Lightening Bolt. With winning 3 gold medals at the 2013 World Championship he has not only become the successful athlete in the 30 year history of athletics but has got a sponsorship deal with Puma, a deal that earned him $8.6 million annually, that make about $55,000 per day.

4)Tiger Woods

Endorsement Deal: Nike

Deal in: $100 million

Tiger Woods

World’s No. 1 golfer off all the time and the highest paid athlete in the world has the most successful endorsement deals together with the luck in his games. He has earned a total of $65 million through his endorsements and recently due to his champion status in the sport; Nike signed a deal with him for over a five year span.

5)Brad Pitt

Endorsement Deal: Chanel No. 5

Deal in: $6.7 million

Brad Pitt

The Industry’s most iconic celebrity has many major endorsements like ONE campaign, Edwin Jeans, SoftBank and Heineken pulled a total of $50 million. Back in 2012 he became the ever first male face of iconic French perfume Chanel No. 5 in its 92 years of history.

6)50 Cent

Endorsement Deal: Glacau

Deal in: $100 million

50 cent

The American entrepreneur and rapper has earned millions both on and off stage, and earned a reputation to create lasting partnership with companies that are on the rise. Back in 2004 he had a deal with Glacau, company owned vitamin water, that earned him a good $100 million.

7)Justin Bieber

Endorsement Deal: OPI

Justin Bieber

The Canadian star, the sensation of the world with considerable success in the music industry has got his hands from music into investment and venture capitalism. He invested millions into Spotify, SoJo Studios and Stamped. He has got many successful endorsements due to his cute boy charm looks that seemed to appeal ladies. Recently he signed a multi million dollar deal with nail polish brand and planning to design his own line of nail polish.

8)LeBron James

Endorsement Deal: Coca- Cola, McDonalds, Nike

Deal in: $90 million with Nike

LeBron james

The NBA champion, the most valuable player and two Olympic gold medalist is also an endorsement machine since he was in high school. His first ever deal was about $90 million with Nike for seven years and since then he has accumulated $150 million empire with the help of his successful deals with Coca-Cola, State Farm and McDonalds.

9)David Beckham

Endorsement Deal: Adidas

Deal in: $150 million

David Beckham

Sponsor are eager and always behind Backham for a piece since he was named one of the ambassadors of the 2012 Olympics. The highest paid actor with total earnings of $46 millions and endorsements of $37 millions, has re-signed his last contract with Los Angles Galaxy of MLS in January. A recent addition to his endorsement portfolio include Samsung, Sainbury and burger King. He has also launched his Bodywear line in 2012.


Recent Endorsement Deal: Soda Brand

Deal in: $50 million


The face of almost brand has endorsements with L’Oreal, Nintendo and American Express since the age of 18, but up to date her major endorsement yet is with Pepsi which she has been endorsing since 2002. She recently signed another major endorsement deal with a soda brand for $50 million and now her face will be on limited edition soft drink cans in Europe.