10 Best Expected Mobile Products of 2013

Tablet PC computer with 2013 New Year counter isolated on white background. Vector  illustration.Welcoming the year 2013, the developers are all ready to overload the technology market with some of the most fascinating technological products that have been winning the hearts of the users so far and are still capable of attracting more users this year. Taking a serious notice of the trends been seen last year, that is, 2012, it has been observed that this year can be sensed as a devoted year for mobile platform. Mobile development is at its peak and so are the sales of mobile products.

Here are the top 10 Mobile products of 2013 that are certain to survive this year, grabbing a huge feedback. Have a look!

1)Google Now

Google Now
Leaving for work but looking for an alternative route to reach faster at your offices? Then do not hesitate to own Google Now, it will show you a better alternative in a smarter way. Since 2011 Google team has been working to give you the access to cloud that coincide its information anytime and has been looking for a smarter way to serve your needs no matter where you are or what you doing, all of this is possible via launching of “NOW”. It is a card-cased system that can hold your appointments, meetings, boarding pass, scores of your favorite sports team and many more daily notifications.


It is a Pandora’s Box for music lovers, who certainly do not need an introduction. It provides the fastest way to access and stream any song by any artist and fascinating thing is you do not have to listen irritating advertisements in between your songs. Download it and enjoy immediate streaming from anywhere and listen or dedicate songs without waiting anymore.



Evernote has made lives easy for those who can’t carry notebook and pen everywhere to note down copious details. The most common app found in the community of Android users and especially it is more eminent or essential app if you note down each detail on your mobile devices. It is one of the best apps you can find to save articles, audio files, jot down thoughts and sync it to the cloud efficiently and simply. You can’t find a better ilk than this app.

4)Chrome for Android/iOS

Chrome for Android or iOS
A smart choice for browser on android smart phones, iPad or iOS could be none other than Chrome, were it can remember your entire browsing history and bookmarks your important and favorite pages so you can access it later easily. The outstanding feature which is apparent is its ability to sign in to your Google account and sync your chrome browser across all your computing platforms or devices you might use thus help in remembering all your pages you went through.



There are potential internet transmitted worms of malwares, viruses, spam and scams that can eat away your data and could cost you lose your significant data and money. Variety of companies is working to tackle these problems and Lookout has proven to be a best solution for Androids and Smart Phones, where it filters each and every detail in search of vulnerabilities, scan all your apps to determine what permission they can use to share your personal information. It is a smart, powerful and comprehensive mobile security guard that has built a barrier towards the threats.



Are you tired of problems associated with location services on smartphones and tablets? Geoloqi uses mainly by companies rather than individual because it uses fraction of battery of device and provides an accurate location or keep track of employee locations in the field to helping manage power consumption at your site through your location. It also provides developers with a software developer kit that runs its location services in background of any app it is associated with.

7)Nuance – Dragon/Swype

It feels amazing to user who could input a text simply by swiping letters across the keyboard without taking fingers off, and this pleasure is entertained by none other swype downloader because it allows efficient, smooth and quick texting without tick tick sounds of keypad. On the other hand Nuance has been an app of fascination with its licenses to speech recognition services to smart phones as is it has become an eminent voice controlled personal assistant mobile system.



If you are spending half of your day travelling than for sure waze may sounds familiar to you because it does not just provide you with traffic tweets but let you know where the cheapest gas stations are, where the roads are block and where cops might be hiding. In short it tells you a smart way to reach your destination. So be smart and no more getting stuck in traffic.


Mobile payments have made life easy where you do not need to travel.“ Square” has remain on top on the preference and list of mobile payments system but now gradually LevelUp is gaining popularity as the new mobile payment system as it is providing loyalty discounts to its consumers. Besides the merchant do not have to pay for every transaction made on the system.



No startup could think of being so eminent and show exponential growth within months. In just few months a social photo sharing app released an Andriod version which was acquired by tens of millions of users later when it was acquired by facebook it adds further tens of millions or more user. Istagram is found from Android to iOS photo sharing app and has found among 100 million users currently.

Hope you enjoyed the  first 2013 tech share, Keep yourselves ready for more,

Best Wishes!