10 Expected Countries To Win London Olympics 2012

10 Expected Countries To Win London Olympics 2012There cannot be anything bigger than the Olympics 2012. The whole world has their eyes fixed on the mega event. This year America is aspired to grab the most medals at the count of 103. It has already proved that they are a winner by achieving the highest medals in the 14 of the 25 Summer Games in which they took part. The first runner’s up is predicted to be China which would perhaps be 10% below the U.S where the latter is said to have a population less than 5% of the world’s.

These are the ten countries that will win the most medals in the London Olympic Games.

10. Japan

Predicted 2012 medal count: 25
All-time medals:
127.81 million
$5.87 trillion
japan to win olympics 2012

Among all the Asian countries, Japan was the pioneer of them all to host the mega event and altogether it has hosted three up till now; Tokyo Summer Games (1964), the Sapporo Games (1972) and the Nagano Winter Games (1998). Wrestling, judo, swimming, and gymnastics are the major fields of grabbing medals for the Japanese athletes. The last time Olympics were held in 2008 where Japan won a total of 25 medals out of which 13 of them were credited to both men and women athletes in judo and wrestling. Five Japanese athletes are to be taken into serious observation as they are anticipated to grab the medals in events of shooting and equestrian as well, as stated by Yahoo! Sports News.

9. Italy

Predicted 2012 medal count: 26
All-time medals:
60.77 million
$2.19 trillion
italy to win olympics 2012

In 2008, Italy had achieved 28 medals at the Beijing Olympics, out of which eight were Gold medals. The uniqueness of the totals medals was that they were all extracted from various different sports events including fencing, archery and shooting. The excellence Italy has in fencing has led to predict the experts that they stand a fair chance to win most medals in the event of fencing again in 2012. Valentine Vezzali, seven-time medalist is now on her way to compete in her fifth Olympics team both as a separate individual as well as a team. She has already grabbed five Gold medals since her beginning in 1996 and its time she sets a record of winning Gold medal fourth time in a row. Swimmer Federica Pellegrini and boxer Roberto Camarrelle are also among the Italian medalists.

8. South Korea

Predicted 2012 medal count: 29
All-time medals:
49.78 million
$1.12 trillion

south korea to win olympics 2012

Having the least meal count as a total and the lowest GDP bearer, South Korea still stands a fair chance of getting a lot of medals in the London Olympiad. Since the time it began participating in the big event in 1948, S. Korea has won 215 medals up till now. it has maintained its position of being a tough contender since the glorious performance it delivered in 1984 Summer Games by getting its name in the top ten medal count list. Last time South Korea was able to win 31 medals; four in Taekwondo and five in archery. Its protected medal count is, however, lower than this number. Wrestling and archery has let the country win most of its gold medals in the Summer Olympic Games. It will be hosting the 2018 winter Olympics in Pyeongchang while the last time it hosted the event in 1988 in Seoul.

7. France

Predicted 2012 medal count: 39
All-time medals:
65.44 million
$2.77 trillion
france to win polympics 2012

With 633 medals to its name, France is the fifth-highest Summer Olympic medal winner in the world. Five of the Olympic Games have been conducted in France in the 20th century and it has participated in 26 of the mega games as a whole. France won four medals for both judo and fencing in descend to the highest swimming medals (six) in the 2008 Beijing Olympics. 35% of the total medal count of France had been credited to the aforementioned sports. An expert analyst, Emily Williams had forecasted that France might just lose one of its medals from its last times total in the year 2012 in London this time. Tough competition is also anticipated from the French cyclists in London as per the BCC. Cycling and fencing have been the sports in which France has generally excelled in the past.

6. Germany

Predicted 2012 medal count: 39
All-time medals:
81.72 million
$3.57 trillion

germany to win olympics 2012

Germany has 391 athletes who would be taking part in 23 various sports in the London Olympics 2012. Last time in Beijing, the country only one medal on the tracks and three in the swimming event, and altogether it grabbed 41 medals from 22 different sports. Three gold medals were won in equestrian events with a total of five medals. This year the expectations from the German athletes are a little low. Swimming and track fields have lesser points for Germany although these events offer ample opportunities to the sportsmen and sportswomen to grab as many medals as possible due to the higher number of events they conduct in these fields.

5. Australia

Predicted 2012 medal count: 42
All-time medals:
22.62 million
$1.37 trillion
GDP per capita:

australia wins olympics 2012

Australia has a comparative 19.6 medals per million citizens when U.S has only won 7.4 of it. It stands on number five in the predicted list of getting the most medals in London 2012 Olympics. It ranks number one in the top-ten list of medal winners. It has had a chance to host two of the Olympic Games; in Melbourne (1956) and in Sydney (2000). Australia has participated in all the Summer Games of the Olympics. Land Down Under had won 68 medals in track and field and Australia beat that record by a clear cut 100 medals in the field of Sports.

4. United Kingdom

Predicted 2012 medal count: 62
All-time medals:
62.64 million
$2.43 trillion

Uk to win olympics 2012

United Kingdom has never hosted the Olympics ever before and obviously it has its audience all dolling out cheering for its athletes. According to the Wall Street Journal, U.K has spent $500 million for training and development for their athletes since 2009. The prediction has stated that the host is expected to win a total of 62 medals this Olympiad which would help regain the heavy investment it has put in to the event. In 2004 it won 30 medals and in 2008 it had won 47 in total. In Beijing, winning in 13 various events had attributed to the 47b medals. Fourteen out their total medals were credited to the track and road cyclists and eight of the 14 were Gold medals. Runner Mo Farah is a tough competition both in the 5,000 meter and the 10,000 meter races while cyclist Chris Hoy will defend his previously won three titles this year in his fourth appearance in the mega event.

3. Russia

Predicted 2012 medal count: 67
All-time medals:
1,445, including USSR
141.93 million
$1.86 trillion
russia to win london olympics 2012

Russia has participated in the Olympics since it started off and has competed with all the nations of the world. And that is why it is all the more difficult to count the number of medals ist has won up till now. The top rank holder in the Summer Olympics for getting the highest medals at the number of 1445 medals, including those of the Russian Federation and the USSR is Russia. U.S stands at number two with 2302 medals. The United States has participated in eight more games than Russia and yet, the world’s largest country according to surface area has won more medals. Most of those medals came from winning track titles (256) while wrestling gave them 156 and 225 were won in gymnastics. Russia’s capital Moscow was also one of the recommended cities to host the mega event for 2012. The same city had once hosted the Summer Olympics in 1980 and America had boycotted the Games in that year.

2. China

Predicted 2012 medal count: 94
All-time medals:
1,344.13 million
$7.30 trillion
china to win olympics 2012

Last year Beijing hosted the Olympic Games for the first time and won 100 medals in total. Diving, table tennis and gymnastics are China’s pillar sports which made it win 34 medals last time in Beijing. China itself, along with Emily Williams have forecasted that china might not win as many medals this season as it did last time (Chinese Olympic Delegation). A trend assessed by the Chinese Olympic Delegation represented that 32% lesser medals are won by the host countries in their next season as compared to when the Games were held at home ground, sources Wall Street Journal. Since China had 100 medals last time, it is predicted that this time 68 medals will be grabbed by China. On the other hand, Emily Williams predicted that China might win 94 medals this year in London 2012 Olympics.

1. United States

Predicted 2012 medal count: 103
All-time medals:
311.59 million
$15.09 trillion
united states win olympics 2012

the Olympic history is flooded with American athlete winners. U.S has been successful in winning the world’s highest number of medals that is 2302 in these past years followed by USSR which is way behind in the league having half of its competitor (1122 excluding the post-Soviet Russia which made a cumulative 1445). The highest number of gold medals is obviously also won by America (929) while USSR has won 440 of them (549 including Soviet Russia’s). 103 medals are expected to be grabbed by U.S again this year out of which 34 will be Gold ones predicted by Williams. Last season in Beijing a total of 110 medals had been gone under the American flag by participating in 24 different sports. 23 medals were won by track and field athletes while 31 were accomplished by swimmers. Track sprinters Sanya Richards-Ross and Allyson Felix are predicted to brings a few medals each while swimming champions and rivals Ryan Lochte and Michael Phelps are expected to win 14 medals together in 2012 while the upcoming Missy Franklin have a clear chance of accomplishing seven of the medals to her name.

That come to an end, with 10 countries that are ,most likely to win the Olympics this year. it’s a pity that none of the developing countries could make in the expected winners of this year, Anyway, we wish all the Nations all the very best!


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