What to Expect from Google SEO in 2013?

GOOGLE SEO 2013Running an online business these days is becoming equally interesting and difficult as any other real world business, probably because of the fact that the competition is increasing day by day. If you are a blogger or planning to turn in to, you really need to learn the new tactics been launched by the Google SEO in the past year and they effect the business of today.  Here are some most predictable moves that the Google SEO might be taking this year. So if you are looking forward to a better revenue, you must go through the following points.

1)Battle against spam

In 2012, Google launched the latest “data refresh” update to its original Penguin spam fighting algorithm which is effecting searches across multiple languages. It is pushing major updates left and right and plenty of webmaster are feeling the effect for better or for worse. Penguin was launched to better catch sites deemed to be spamming its researched result. The site mainly aim to remove bad links such as through Google Disavow links tool or to remove spam to regain ranking, since then there is been panic in some quarters about getting links removed, but it is not at all removing all links. It’s about removing bad links. If you own a respectable, established social media site you won’t be having requested from people to remove links to their site, people who are worried that being link to you somehow hurting them with Google.

2) Link building – challenging

Using sophisticated Link analysis, the engines can explore and discover how pages are related to each other and in what ways. Engines can not only analyze the popularity of a web page based on the number of popularity and pages link to it but it is also a determine, which side to be trusted and which is a spam as trustworthy sites tends to link to other trusted sites, while spammy sites receives very few links from trusted sites, thus it’s a very good way of identifying a expert documents.

3)Mobile SEO needs an introduction

By 2014, it is predicted half of the traffic on internet would be through cell phones, so It’s better for businesses and companies to implement mobile SEO for their websites.

4)”Weather Updates” by Matt Cutts

Surely it’s important to keep a tract over the birth of further updates by Google, so to make possible predictions of moves to be taken lately for betterment. Subscribe on twitter to a blog, own by Google’s head of Webspam team and company’s unofficial spokesperson, which show extra considerations and will tweet for any upcoming updates or data refreshers under the column of “Weather Updates”.

5)Keep your eyes open

Danny Sullivan, editor-in-chief in Search Engine Land often got clarifying responses from official Google spokespeople on his twitter account, so from here you can get the real picture on the move. Rand Fishkin, the CEO of Seattle-based SEO and social monitoring service is a well known participant of SEO World’s “in crowd”, by following him on his tweets you can actually keep an eye over the changes introduce in industry. These two bodies will help you predict better future tomorrow, so do not miss to subscribe their blog.

6)Microdata to be given importance

Microdata define the quality of your site by defining the additional information’s about the content to the search engine. Google has relatively poor quality measure determinants regarding it and sure it will be soon adopting a system. Sooner microdata and other structured data will play an increasingly important role thus predictions which to be made is, concentrate on the minor details that could later help you increase the ranking of your site.

7) Web marketing content- a silent-tool for website success

Good web marketing doesn’t mean having too many fake guest posts and giving away info graphics but it means to hold valuable contents on wanted topics that will automatically drag the referral traffic, build reputation and increase inbound backlinks. This will ultimately leads to a success in search engine.

8)Data driven marketing techniques

Within the past few years the amount of information a person can access from the internet is increasing on a regular basis. With such increasing information it is wise to believe that people will be more inclined to take data driven decisions therefore information be structured in such a way that it becomes easy for the user.

2013 can be a tough year for the bloggers around, play it safe friendsSmile


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