Easy Ways to Make Money With Podcasting

make money by podcastingLike so many other ways to make money online, Podcasting via your ipods and offering your followers some new flavors to enjoy, is yet another way to keep your hands on some decent money. We have been sharing much about the new ways to enjoy an online income and here we are again with an interesting way to earn some cash with podcasting.

Here are a few basic tactics which you can implement individually or can use in combination to keep yourself the reason to keep watching and in turn you get paid both with money and appreciation.

1)You got an audience? Then here are the Sponsors

If you are running been online for quite some time, let’s just say 3-4 years then definitely you got thousands of listeners out there, making calls on your shows or downloading it every second you release a new episode, be happy because Podtrac, Mevio and Wizzard Media are ready to pay you and sell advertising on your show for either cost per thousand or cost per action basis. These Podcast networks are looking for podcast producers that know their audience.

2)Ask for it, when it really worth it

If you got thousands of lover out there waiting to have your glimpse do not hesitate to ask for a donation for your next episode. You might have seen the eminent Pregtastic Hildreth confesses that hybrid sponsorship alone isn’t cutting so you need to be frank and be like public TV, put up a beg-ware button and press it when you need it.

3)Put up sales on your videos

All what you got to do is to learn popular tactics to increase your audience which in turn increases your subscription money, and for that do not forget, people love anything for free so like McAllister, the host of ScreenCastsOnline, give some away for free and later makes viewers pay for the rest. Let’s just say you are running serials over the childhood stories of a popular celeb, give away a couple of serials for free and later and makes viewer pay the complete series.

Tip: You can give away some additional content or high resolution videos to your viewers.

4)In the end get your own sponsors.

Though your workload over night mount up to ten folds, but in the end if you want to make more money you need to borrow your own sponsors because if you are going to ask Prodcast networks such as Wizzard Media, they will lend you their sponsors but obviously they are going to keep the commission. You get some tips by following the journey of Kastner, who left Mevio because he believed and today his revenue increased 200 to 300 percent.

5)Some for free but magic comes with a price.

How many of you have seen Never Not Funny? I know you won’t stop laughing over Jimmy Pardo but did you notice one thing, the guy makes you say ‘I need more’ and the moment you get addicted and actually start to enjoy the enjoy suddenly the 90 minute video disappears even there were whole 60 minutes left to see and your screen displays ‘Full show Paid’, that’s where you say to yourself”it’s worth it, let’s just not mess up with the scene’ and Tada! There is the money in his pocket. You can use the same tactic but do not forget to add the element of addiction.

6)Sell an iPhone ad of your show

Do you know there are above 80 percent of the people downloading Podcast through iTunes and there are over 50 million iPhones and iPod touches made by users so why not to create yourself a strong podcasting platform. You can ask Podcast networks like Wizzard Media to make an app for you on a revenue share basis and make it easy for people to see you.

7)Reconstruct your radio content or build your own media network

Unlike Radio and TV programs Podcast does not have enormous overhead. Especially the networks like Wizzar Media and Mevio where there is a collection of mismatch programs you can build your own network which control its programming and overall brand, this way you can sell advertising packages focusing upon specific category to other sites.

8)Build and then sell

If you are naïve to the world you would definitely be dreaming about escaping from the picture but you need to raise your profile and for that you can either request well known social media type like people basically concerning about your field of show. This way it won’t only gather the audience and positive reviews but also lands you the six figure sponsorship repeatedly.

9)Integrate sponsorship with the show

Audible, the digital book seller, is often seen during the Podcast videos, it’s natural for them because their products are usually consumed on iPods. It will be even better for them to advertise via sponsored editorial placements in the show whose hosts are already the consumers of Audible’s products because this way they can recommend and take recommendation will increase the engagement on both the side.

10)Be creative

Your audience is your money, understand it by hook or crook, but this is the reality. You need to present what they want if you want their attention. So make sure you have enough creativity and sense of indulging your audience into you to keep on demand.

These are just a few tips and expert advices on how making money making techniques actually work, make sure you grab the idea and unlocking the boundaries.

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