Earning Opportunities In Pakistan

Earn Money In PakistanIn a patriarchal society such as Pakistan, where the father is (usually) the head of the family, and the sole earner, being independent and self sufficient can be a big plus point. Being able to sustain one-self is considered ideal, even posh. Hence, teens nowadays are trending towards methods to earn some extra pocket-money from small part-time jobs. Here, we discuss some of the opportunities that you, or anyone else, can avail in Pakistan.

There are many opportunities for the young generation to try their hands on. Many people are now looking towards part-time jobs to counter the rising inflation or merely just to get some extra pocket money. Whatever the reasons, the fact remains that you no longer need to have a 9 to 5 to get your hands on some money.

Free-lance writing

Writing articles for money is a great way to earn money. Not only does it enhance your general knowledge by researching on various topics, it also improves your writing skills and gives you a better insight on things. Earlier, we shared a post on The Top 5 Websites where you can sell your articles. You can use them as well. However, there are some other opportunities in Pakistan where you can try your luck.

Free lancingYou can try writing for major newspapers. There are many newspapers that will pay you for articles. For example, Date Line Islamabad is a fairly new paper that needs fresh content writers. Currently, they are offering PKR 700 per each article that gets published. Whether an article gets published or not, depends of course upon its quality and relevance. But as a general rule of thumb, if your articles does get published, you will get approximately Rs 1 per word (more or less).

You can also write for blogs and websites. Lots of blog owners are looking for writers who will regularly write content on their sites. Watch out for any such blogs. Apply for writing guest posts on blogs that give you the option. Who knows, they might like your article? Or maybe someone else visiting that blog might?

Other than that, you can work for big free lancing companies like elance, freelancer, oDesk etc. If you are talented, you will build a glowing portfolio in no time at all. Once that happens, you are on your way to become a professional free lance writer!

Work at Call Centers!

Call Centers have grown in number recently. And they offer quite easy jobs for people, especially teenagers. Although I have never worked at a call center before, i know many people who have.

work at call centersDue to some tax regulations and expensive labor in foreign countries, a lot of companies have relocated parts of their services in countries like Pakistan where the labor is cheap. Mostly, they provide employment opportunities to people via Customer Services and Call Centers. Having a customer relations call centre in another country not only reflects upon the company’s multi-national capacity, it also saves them labor and tax money.

With call centers, you can earn anything from Rs 15,000 to Rs 30,000 (or more!). All you need to have is some time, and good communication and English speaking skills. You will only need to attend foreign calls and note down their requests and other things according to the nature of the company’s business.

However, many such companies are head-quartered in countries like Canada or U.S.A, whose working hours conflict with our (usually) sleeping time. As a result, you will have to wake up at night and wait for international calls! Most such centers have timings from 10pm to 6am (etc.). Hence, if you are not a full time worker, or a busy student, then such a job might be ideal for you!

Become an R.J!

Many people think that radio culture has diminished with the advent of modern technologies. However, they may be far from right! It’s true that very few follow news and such stuff on the radio. But radio these days is listened mostly for entertainment. This provides various opportunities especially for youngsters to capitalize on.

work with your local radio stationF.M radio channels have opened in almost all major cities throughout the country. If you have good communication skills, you can be a radio jockey! Apply for your local radio stations and show them what you’ve got! We think this is by the best option for students, since it only requires a couple hours (or so) of your time each day, and you don’t have to work all 7 days in the week. Of course the timings and pay varies from station to station and your skills, but you can get anywhere from around Rs. 400 to Rs 1,000 (or more!) per episode! And if you are popular, you can get featured in advertisments on the radio which will get you more money!

Other methods of earning include providing tuition online, creating tutorials etc. If you are good at something, create videos and tutorials about it, or teach other people for money. However, keep in mind a very important message from SEM. Don’t let part-time job money come at the expanse of your studies. Many a students, who start earning, ruin their grades because they get the feeling that they can earn without having a real job or professional studies. So earn, but study as well. Our society and country needs talented people like you! So keep contributing to it, and be blessed! 🙂

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  1. i think becoming an RJ is the most difficult way of earning…and i also dont like Rj’s because mostly they are just spreading immoral(fahashi)…

    • I agree and disagree with you as well. There are some good RJs out there that I love to hear. Yeah some are immoral, but some aren’t. It’s up to the listener to decide what he wants.

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