Earn With Twitter’s Top Affiliate Programs in Pakistan

make money with twitter affiliate prgrams

Developing Countries like Pakistan are one of the major countries that are using social media but are still unaware of the miracles these social websites can do for them. Its important for people to understand how can they utilize their time as well as skills to make money online and meet up their livings. how would it sound if I tell you can actually get considerable amount of dollars from you most favorite social Media websites like Facebook and Twitter. Studies have shown that about 65% of the total youth of Pakistan, that has the access to the internet is on Facebook and Twitter, but still the idea of being an entrepreneur truly lacks and people are afraid of taking risks, in this case, not utilizing some best opportunities. At this time of life, where Pakistan already lacks in online money making opportunities due to the limitations that the outside world sometimes put on third world countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan, etc. its important for people to get some benefits for themselves, availing the opportunities. So coming back to the topic, we will discuss today how that   You can earn a huge amount with Twitter with methods that are secure and reliable.

Earning with Twitter is possible with affiliated Programs that not only generates revenue for you, but also a great number of followers, further increasing your popularity.

1. RevTwt


RevTwt is the biggest name that provides Largest Advertising Network on Twitter offering a variety of ways to make money with twitter. The most significant ones are Link Shortening tools that pay you when clicked on the link on your page, showing an Ad, Its affiliate program is better, it pays you around 25% more and referrals as well. It also pays you for PPC programs.

The procedure is simpler than it seems, as a starter, the first thing you need to do is to send a tweet with ads from your account that obviously, you have to create. the revtwt counts the number of clicks that are generated by your  tweet. you can earn up to 0.2 cents per click. imagine your earnings if your tweet is able to drag about 300 clicks. revtwt is sharp enough not allowing you to retweet your tweets but you can always take the help of your friends and get tweets for yourself.However, the only issue that some people might don’t like is it pays via PayPal , we have been discussing about PayPal and its Alternatives, as well as how can one , living in those  countries where its banned, can still utilize its services.

revtwt is easy to use with an assurance  of being paid. by investing a small part of your life in tweeting high valued ads intelligently, you can enjoy a good amount.

2. TwitPub

You can generate a good amount with the affiliate program that Twitpub offers. It simply involves a considerable pay for your tweets. It also acts as a platform where the twitter users can buy and sell premium tweets. How interesting is that !


lets make it sound clearer to you. To start it up initially, you need to set your twitter account private, activating  the twitpub. this links up your twitter account with twitpub, making the money transactions via your own twitter account. As being linked, you get only 80% of your earnings that you generate by subscriptions.

The system is similar to that of revtwt, with slight changes. the basic idea is that If someone’s  Twitter account is private and you want to follow him, that person has to approve you for you to get the tweets. you need to specify your demands to the customer here for a month.

Twitpub is yet again another most reliable of all, ensuring that the customers get their payments on time with no hidden charges.  The best part that I m sure you guys will love, if you don’t have a PayPal account, is , twitpub allows you to either withdraw your money with PayPal or paying through Check, with a minimum cash out requirement which is $25 in this case.

3. Tweetadder


Tweetadder Affiliate program is the next choice. Those users that are already making money with their Tweets, can enhance their earnings with the affiliate program offered by tweetadder. With this affiliate program, you can add revenue with advertisements.

how you are paid

Tweet Adder has an effective affiliate marketing program enabling  you to get a good commission up to  50% from each order placed through your affiliate links. all you need to start earning with Tweetadder is to sign up for it first of all and then start promoting your existence on the system in your social circles. you need to be consistent in producing and sharing good, relevant and new content relating to Tweet Adder as this greatly influence your sales, making you earn more.

it seems like tweetadder loves to pay as it pays a bonus of %10 when you sign up for the service. as I mentioned above, pays 50% of the commission for direct sales. you also get benefitted here with 10% of the commission of affiliates in your network.all your earnings and stats are managed accordingly in the dashboard that every user gets within the system.  however, just like revtwt, the payment is through PayPal so In case you are liking the idea, get yourself prepared to think about how to get your hands on your PayPal account.

Money making with twitter affiliate programs is certainly easy as compared to other online money making strategies but its important to mention here that you need a huge follower list in order to enjoy the best results. The outcome might not be too beneficial in the starting but if you keep working hard and explore hidden techniques, it will definitely work for you. Keep on trying here because affiliate programs work completely fine in Pakistan and with Sites that are reliable enough, its one of the best options after Blogging to make money and generate a huge reward for simple tasks like tweeting.

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