Make More Money From Farmville – 2012 Latest Tips!

earn money on farmvilleEver played Farmville on Facebook? It is considered one of the best Games available on Facebook. Millions have played it (including me :P), and I must say, it’s a nice and quite addictive game. In farmville, you get a small plot of land on which you can plant crops. First, plow some land to it can be used. Buy any seeds that you want to, considering their cost, harvest profit, and time taken to ripen. Return after the set time, and harvest the result! And get farmville coins for each harvest! Simple, and fun!

farmville moneyInitially, you get a plot size of 12 x 12 (144 fields). You can increase this size by buying expansions (I currently have a farm of 26 x 26 fields :P). You will have to spend 15 coins to plow one field. Plowing will make your farm harvest-able. Plant seeds and harvest them. Plow again after harvesting. Each harvest brings in a profit. Use that profit to buy buildings, animals, machinery, and other stuff.

(Note: This is a FUN post! You can’t earn actual money through farmville :(. The money we are talking about is farmville money. This is just a take-a-break type of post. So have fun playing farmville :))

Maximizing your profits

Plant frequently – Plant as often as your schedule allows. There is a wide range of plants you can choose from. Some take 4 days to ripen (yes, four actual days), some take only two hours. If you can save the time, plant a seed that provides the most profit per hour. Usually, strawberries are the best. hey take four hours to ripen and are quite profitable

Choose the right seeds – Choose seeds that provide the most profit. Subtract the cost of seeds from the harvest price. Also subtract 15 more considering plow costs. If you are at an earlier level, peas are a good choice for you. Grapes are great too. After level 35 or so, Asparagus should be the most profitable.

buy machinaryBuy Upgrades – Buy farm expansions whenever possible! They give you more land and hence more plots to farm. Also buy machinery like Tractors, Seeders and Harvesters. These are my favourite tools. They allow me to plow, seed and harvest more than one plot at a time. Hence this saves you time and energy.

Socialize! – Invite other people on farmville! Increase your neighbors. Neighbors will help you completing certain tasks like farm expansion, and finding certain items. You can also visit their farms and fertilize their crops. If you want more neighbors, there are online forums where people are looking for neighbors.

Visit other farms – This one is particularly helpful. Not only do you get some extra coins by fertilizing other people’s crops, you may also get fuel. Fuel is needed for machinery like tractors and harvesters.

lock him in!Lock your character in! – Yes that’s right, trap in your (cartoon-ish) character :P! Note his position when you open farmville. If there’s a field on that location, delete it. Put something like hay-bales around the character so that he can’t get out. That way, he won’t be able to move around the farm and waste time.

Don’t let crops wither – Crops will start withering after ripening. Although they don’t wither immediately. There is a cushion time equal to half the time taken for a crop to grow. For example, a 4 day crop will start withering 2 days after it has ripened. A 2 hour crop will wither one hour after ripening, hence three hours til you planted it. Hence harvest crops within the cushion time, or else you will lose money.

Look out for challenges – Different sort of challenges become available periodically. Keep an eye out for them and complete them to get bonuses! Complete co-op jobs with another farmer and get bonuses and a lot more coins!

There were some of the tips i have learnt while playing the game. Hope you will find them useful. Good luck playing the game, and happy farmin’ 🙂

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  1. Assalam-o-Alaikum Qasim Bhai!
    I am a fellow Pakistani and a hobby blogger for fun.
    I have played FarmVille for a long time, and seen dozens of my friends playing it too.
    Many consider it a HUGE Time-Waster and they are not entirely wrong too, however I DISAGREE with your notion, “You can’t earn actual money through farmville”!
    When I started playing Farmville, a Facebook friend of mine, living in France, asked me for a particular tip to get some stuff by doing a short-term glitch in the game. I replied and she said, “Thanks Master Jee!”
    It gave me an idea and I made a blog to share Tips and Tricks related to the game. I do not claim that I have earned millions but I did earn around $600 only from Adsense Revenue — And believe me that I am a total illiterate as far as technical things like html, etc are concerned. I wish I could be as good in making or managing websites as you and I would have earned a lot.

    So if you are determined, SKY is the LIMIT.
    You can visit my blog from the commentator’s name! You have a very fine blog and all three of you have a very nice writing style. I am a immediate fan of your blog!
    Allah Hafiz

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