Earn Money Using Your Knowledge at Factoidz!

Freelance WritingWith online-working opportunities opening up left and right, more and more people are trending towards the freelance culture, which naturally means that competition is going up in the virtual world as well. But more important is the search for online work. You might find work anywhere. But there’s no guarantee it will provide adequate opportunity for you, or even pay you well. Hence the search for quality work is getting rather difficult. In our search for ways of making money online, we came across Factoidz, a website freelance writers might be interested in. Factoidz is an online article publishing website that pays writers to create content.

What is Factoidz?

factoidzThe whole idea of Factoidz, as the name might suggest, is centered around facts. It is one of the leading sources of factual and informational content. You can only write about facts; not views, not opinions, not questions, nothing of the kind. To ensure quality and relevance of articles, writers are first trial tested by Factoidz. If they pass the test, they are recruited to write. Factoidz operates much like its counterparts; Bukisa, Helium, Triond etc. But it pays much better. Which is why we decided to write about it.

Quality of the content is the most important factor. Your article must be original and unique. And they must be loaded with facts. Otherwise, you might find your article rejected.

How does it work?


rankingsFactoidz has three membership levels. MemberFactoidz Writer, and Staff Writer. When you sign up, you get a simple Member status. You are not allowed to post any articles. Once you pass the trial test, you are given Factoidz Writer status. You can then post articles that need to be moderated before they are published. When you publish 20 articles, you are promoted to a Staff Writer. Staff Writers can edit their published posts.

Factoidz also has a writer ranking system based on the total votes you gain in a particular category. The more votes you get, the higher your expertise and ranking will go.


paymentFactoidz offers three different ways of earning. One is through article bonus. The more articles you publish, the more bonus you get.

The second is per number of views. You can get anything from $1 to $5 for every 1,000 views you get. Unfortunately, you can not use Google AdSense on your articles. The third way is through Affiliate earnings. You will get $10 as a bonus for every person you referred who reaches the rank of staff writer.

All transactions are done through PayPal. And you can withdraw a minimum amount as low as $1.

The hard part…

The hard part is, simply getting your articles approved, and retaining your status. There is no selection criteria as such. But Factoidz moderation rules are quite tough. Your article must be original, unique, and fact based. Any errors on your part and you might find your article rejected.

Aside from that, keeping your status is hard. There are veteran writers at Factoidz. They will be quick to criticize you. And if you get any flag on any of your articles, you might get temporarily or permanently banned!

However, don’t let this de-motivate you. If you are an original and good writer, you need not worry. This was just a heads-up of what yu can expect. So be careful from the start. You can’t afford to miss any chances.

But in the end…

…it all boils down to your skills. And if you do the job properly, trust me, you will be raking in bucks in no time at all! You will also get a chance to brush up your skills and become a professional writer! So what are you waiting for? It won’t cost you a single buck. All the best wishes for you :))

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  1. Excellent article Qasim zaib.Factoidz is a new platform for me that I came to know.I personally think freelance career is much better that this one.Doing freelance work atleast guarantee to pay atleast 5$ for your efforts.
    Anyhow i enjoyed reading this article and it’s quite new and different thing to me…..
    Keep it up….:)

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