Earn Money By Writing For Triond, A Great Place For Starters!

TriondWriting articles is one of the best ways to earn money online. The best thing about freelance writing is, it doesn’t require any investment, as in a blog, nor does it require special skills. You only need to have a good hand at writing, and that’s about it! All you have to do is invest your time. There are lots of places where you can write articles, such as freelancing websites, or writing platforms / article directories such as Factoidz, EzineArticles, Squidoo, Hubpages, and so on. The problem with these platforms is, they need time and effort to set up, and require you to have some prior writing experience. This can be somewhat unsettling for starters who are looking for a job. For such people, Triond can provide the platform they’ve been looking for. It is a great website for starter writers, as well as pros. Any one can earn money here!

What is Triond?

Before we dive into what Triond is, let me tell you what it isn’t. First of all, it’s not a scam, definitely not a scam. I know many people earning a decent passive income through this platform. And it is a high quality website as well, with around 10k Alexa and a PR of 5. Triond is also not a freelancing website, or a regular article directory such as Ezine or Factoidz.

What can i submit?

Triond is a different publishing platform, where anyone can sign up and start submitting content. That’s where the beauty of the service comes in. You aren’t limited to just articles. You can submit videos, images, and other media. And you aren’t limited to any topic! Write on anything, anything that you like, so long as your content is original. You can even submit poetry or jokes!

Popular topics to write about on Triond

Although you can write about anything, it is better to write on popular trends. You’ll make money that way. here are some popular types of topics on Triond.

  • Earning moneypopular topics
  • Top 10 lists
  • Finance
  • Movie reviews
  • Game guides
  • Career
  • Jokes
  • and so on..

How does it work?

It is quite simple really. After sign up, you can immediately start publishing articles or other content. Once you submit your content, it won’t be published immediately. There’s a moderation team that’ll review your content first. Usually, they review it within a day or two, sometimes maybe within minutes if you’re lucky.

Once approved, your content might not be published directly on Triond. Triond has a variety of websites under its control, and based on the topic of your article, it will be published on a relevant website.

Does it pay well?

Well, I wouldn’t lie here, but you probably won’t make hundreds of dollars, especially not in your first few months. Starting is always hard, and if you earn only a half dozen bucks in your first month, that’s perfectly normal. People can make dozens of dollars as well in their first month. But don’t worry. As you write, your earnings will start to grow, and you might enter triple figures in just a few months. From then on, your figures will only go up.

How does it pay?

You can generate on Triond via three ways. First and foremost is page-views. The more they are, the higher your revenue. Hence, popular articles will get you more money. Triond calculates your revenue based on this formula. Earning = (ERPM * Page-Views) / 1000. ERPM is Effective Revenue Per Millinium. It is the revenue earned by the site for every 1000 visits.

How does Triond pay

Beside this, you can also earn through Google Ads on your articles. Triond will share half the revenue earned through Google AdSense with you.

Besides, Triond also has a referral program. If you refer someone, you will get 10% of the revenue earned by them! But you can only enroll in this referral program if you have received your first payment.

Payments are made through PayPal ($0.5 minimum) and Western Union ($50 minimum).

How To start off?

It’s extremely simple! Simply go to Triond website, and sign up by filling out three simple fields. You can then sign up easily, and when you do, you will be taken to a dashboard, where you can check your earnings, submit content, and more.


Once you submit something, it will be sent for review. You will be notified via email whenever your content is accepted or rejected.

Some Triond Tips to help you along the way

Write, write and write!

The key to earning on Triond is to write, write, and write some more. The more the articles, the better your earnings. Just a dozen or so articles won’t bring you anything more than a few cents. The key here, along with quality, is quantity. the more you write, the more your collective pageviews, and the more your earning.

Write, write and write!

Promote your content

The Triond dashboard gives you options to integrate your account with Facebook and Twitter. Always share your articles on social media. We have talked time and again about social media promotion, and why it is so important. So I won’t go into the ruthless details. But the bottom-line is, it extends your reaches to beyond the places you can imagine, hence increasing your exposure and ultimately giving you more pageviews.

Socialize with the Triond community

Triond isn’t just a publishing platform. it is sort of a social network as well, where writers can interact with each other. Once you have written some articles, start making some friends. Once you add someone as a friend, you become their fan, and get updates from them whenever an article of their’s gets published. Add people, and others will add you. Comment on other’s articles, and you’ll get comments too. That way, your content can get featured in the Hot Content section, where you’ll get lots of traffic and money.


Triond is no doubt a great service, especially for starters. It is nice to educate people on new ways to make money. If you know of a good service, then do let us know, and we’ll be glad to review it for your and other people’s benefit. Stay safe, and God bless you 🙂

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