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adfly Adfly is a site where users can earn money by sharing links and wait for the traffic to click and watch, they enjoy and you get your reward. As it has been paying since 2009, and so found on Elite list you can certainly trust. Not to worry, you don’t have to own a site to earn from, you can earn from shortening your favorite link which could be images, web links or file links and share with other people. You don’t have to invest anything all you got to lose is your time.

Time to Earn

Three easy steps to follow! Register for an account and start shrinking by clicking on “Advance Settings” button and go to “Shorten link through” in the drop menu select “custom”, now go to your account copy the ‘api key” and “uid” on the tools page, place your links on Facebook, Twitter and more, finally get paid for every visit via PayPal or Liberty Reserve, you are required to earn only $5 before you will be paid and don’t worry all advertising is strictly family safe with no popup.

Not to do’s!

It’s a common practice that people use fake sites to generate traffic on their sites. Similarly there are sites that charge you for every click. Usage of such sites should be avoided as this may result in the ban of your account.

You have to make sure that the content you are linking your account is not illegal and spam material should be avoided. stores the IP of the computer from which you are using the account so excessive clicking on ads coming from the same computer may result in banning of the account. Similarly two accounts from the same computer will also result in banning.

Do not post your links on adult sites. has a very strict policy against such forums.

Website entry script is a common method practiced to generate traffic on sites however has special software to detect them

Ensure not to lose views

You may know the stat and viewers of your website but your website traffic may differ with stats, if you can’t find them increasing in number you can are probably facing one of the following issues,

  • If your visitors have blocked cookies then they can’t view ads.

  • Your guest needs to hold on for 5 seconds, if they didn’t view the ad for 5 seconds, then it won’t count.

  • If flashes are disable at your user’s side, then the views visible won’t be counted.

  • If your visitor is copy pasting rather than clicking on to the link then it won’t be counted.

  • It’s your bad luck if your visitor is visiting your views via NoScript and Ads Fight, those views will not count.

  • Countries like Iran or some Asian countries might not credit when a link is viewed because if at the time they click on the link there is no ad showing for users from those countries, thus you won’t get paid. is an establish platform which is accepted in all countries, though you may got little irritated by the annoying ads but every magic comes with a price, share your comments and experiences if you are earning through it.


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  1. Nida sister I think is not a good method to earn money they just give very less revenue , There are other good ways to earn money , There can be difference of opinion I think which you don’t mind.

    When Muhammad Mustafa is coming Lahore please tell.

  2. Adf-ly is also good for earning money but its effects on visitors because visitors doesn’t like adf-ly as well as pop up. Its drop your ranking in the eyes of Visitors.

  3. Souno:
    Adf-ly is also good for earning money but its effects on visitors because visitors doesn’t like adf-ly as well as pop up. Its drop your ranking in the eyes of Visitors.

  4. Good way to make money online. But you can earn very less for every click. That means, you will need very high traffic to be able to make money with

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