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World of Warcraft

“Gaming is such a waste of time”. This has been a typical parents’ catch-phrase since ever! (since I started playing video games anyway :)). Well here is your opportunity to turn the phrase around! Now, you earn some money WHILE playing some online games! Yes, you heard me (or rather read me :P); Earn while you play! There are many games in which you can load up on cash, but we think World Of Warcraft in one of The Best for the purpose.

World Of Warcraft is an MMORPG (Massive-Multiplayer-Online-Role-Playing-Game). Now I am no hardcore gaming freak, but I sure am a fan of RPGs (Role Playing Games). And with over 9 million players, World of Warcraft is considered one the best MMORPG. So it would be wise to capitalize on such a large market. However, we don’t promise that you will get rich. But who knows, you might earn enough to buy subscriptions or expansions! Plus, your time will also be put to a better use, don’t you think? 🙂

We won’t dive into the details of the game. Most of you WoW gamers might know more than me about the game (=/). But for starters, it’s a tough world out there! (even a gaming world =D). It’s a Role Playing Game where you take control of characters, complete quests, earn gold, unlock stuff etc. And also, it’s an online thing, so you can’t crack your way into it! You have to purchase subscriptions for the game. So if you have no interest in games (yes, such people exist!), then this might not be for you!

Just one last thing before we tell you how you can earn. Like everything else, it takes time and effort to get started properly. So you can’t “mint money” just by playing for a couple of days. It will take time. So be patient! And now, about the many ways;

Sell WoW accounts!

This is one of the most popular approach. You buy a brand new account, you level up and get some weaponry and stuff, and then you sell that account! Simple (but not fast :P). Good WoW accounts go for good bucks. A good level 70 account can go for as much as $3,000! Think about programmers busting their brains off trying to earn even half of that! (That is not to say you can earn more than a good programmer. It just means that earning through the gamer’s way is a lot more fun!).

Generally, accounts sell for $100 – $3,000, depending upon your level, gear and stuff. As you gain gaming experience, you can level up more and more quickly each time you sell an account. So you can more than halve the time it took you to get to level 70 the very first time (and maybe more depending upon your knowledge and skill in the game). You can sell accounts on websites like WarcraftLoot etc.

Caution! Be careful with selling your account. And pick a safe website where you can sell your account. Your account may get banned otherwise. So we advise you to try to sell account within your own country. Selling to someone on another continent, for example, might result in detection, and a ban.


This is another popular service very much in demand. How this works is, you take someone else’s character (usually new players’ or gamers short on time etc), level it up quickly through your better experience, and then get paid for your services. Power-leveling can give you as much as $100 – $500. People are earning hundreds of dollars by this method.

Beware though! It’s risky business! Firstly, trading characters is forbidden. So it might get you banned. So do it wisely and carefully. Look for ‘safe’ websites and do not trade with a person living far, far away from you. Another problem is, you need to secure your payment. So use a reputable service and don’t hand over the character without having a solid assurance of receiving money.

Selling WoW Gold!

This is by far the most popular (and also the most hated :() method of earning money. Most MMORPGs, including World Of Warcraft, have spam protection. Hence, you run the risk of being caught and banned. So use this method wisely, like the others.

Earn Gold in the game. There are lots of ways to make gold in World Of Warcraft like selling rare items, increasing your skills, mastering the auction house, doing quests etc. You can then sell that Gold for REAL money to other users, websites, friends etc. You can earn up to $15 in exchange for 1,000 WoW Gold. But the rate varies from website to website and buyer to buyer.

Compete in contests!

There are various contests held occasionally in-game where you compete against other players. If you win, you can get even thousands of dollars! Word of warning though. You will be pitched against the pros! So be prepared for a serious round of gaming! It’s the survival of the fittest around here!

Create game Guides

If you are an experienced player, then you can share your experience, tips and tricks, and details with other players. Create a guide and advertise it. Use services like Click2Sell, Clickbank etc. to market your product. However, there is a lot of competition out there for you. So if you want to shine, then look out for the expansions! Buy them, and try them. Then write your own guide or review on them,. That way, you will have less competition. Hence more chances of success.

And more…

If you are a good player (very good, in fact), you might be approached by sponsors asking you to advertise their products through various means. But slim chances of that, since there are millions of players out there. However, you can always blog about your experience. If your blog/website has quality content about, it will get a game-specific audience, and then you can advertise on that website to earn money. That is a whole new topic, however.


Earning by gaming can be fun. But we don’t promise any quick earnings. You need to be good. And also, it involves breaking some of the game’s rules. So do this AT YOUR OWN RISK! If you are clever, however, then you might not need to pay for subscriptions or expansions from your own wallet! The game will do that for you 🙂

Happy Gaming peeps 🙂

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