DoFollow Blog Directory: Increase your PageRank in no time!

increase page rankIncreasing Googlle PageRank is something many bloggers search for in their quest to increase their website traffic and authority. And the terms ‘backlink‘ and ‘dofollow’ are used frequently in this regard. Backlinks indeed are one of the major contributors towards a website’s ranking, and quality backlinks form the basis of Google PR and Alexa rankings. The most common method of increasing backlinks is by commenting on dofollow blogs. When you post a comment with your website’s link, you get a dofollow link from there, or a backlink. In this post, we will talk about the importance of dofollow links and how you can find dofollow blogs.

Google Page Rank is a measure of a website’s quality on a scale of 10, with 10 being the highest. Google ranks itself at 9, so it’s a 0-9 scale really. And backlinks, and the quality of those backlinks is one of the primary factor that effects this ranking.

About dofollow and nofollow

The ‘nofollow’ attribute was collectively introduced by Google, Yahoo!, and Microsoft in 2005 in an attempt to combat spam and control outbound link quality. It has since become an industry standard. The nofollow attribute simply tells search crawlers not to go to that link. Hence, for a crawler, a nofollow link is just a piece of text, and not a link.

There is no ‘dofollow’ tag as such. A dofollow usually means the absence of a nofollow attribute. A dofollow link is a real backlink, and will contribute towards a website’s ranking.

Blog directories

A blog directory is a listing of blogs organized into categories. They have backlinks to other blogs. Blog directories, especially dofollow blog directories can be of much importance for a blog. One way to benefit from them is to submit your blog to get a free backlink. Another is to visit the blogs listed there. We’ll explain how.

What is DoFollow Blog Directory?

The DoFollow Blog Directory is not any ordinary blog directory. It is the largest directory that lists dofollow blogs. Dofollow blogs are those that give you a dofollow backlink when you comment on them. Commenting is a great way to boost your website. Besides building links, you can also increase interaction with other bloggers. Besides, you can get some of the audience from other blogs as well.

DoFollow Blog Directory

Besides dofollow blogs, you will also find a list of dofollow forums, social media, article directories, and more. Furthermore, you can get all the information you need about dofollow links over here.

Using this link building strategy alone, you can increase your PageRank in no time! Comment on other blogs and grow your interaction. Also participate in forums. Forums are a great way to grow your influence and interact with people, since you are connecting with them personally and answering their questions. And writing articles for article directories and see a great increase in your traffic levels!

If you participate in all the above mentioned places, then I can guarantee you an increase in your PageRank. But please don’t abuse the dofollow blogs by spamming. A lot of people use bots, or talk about irrelevant stuff in comments, such as “visit my site for such and such” etc. Please avoid such a practice. And if you don’t have time for commenting, then perhaps you shouldn’t. But please, never resort to underhand means. Thank you 🙂

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