Does Christianity Support Unlawful Earnings?

Christianity Support Unlawful EarningsMost of the Christians prefer to live a life that is perfect and sinless.  They believe if they sin, they will be deceiving themselves and no truth will be found in them. But, if they walk in the light like Jesus did, they will receive prosperity and fellowship of the other members in the community. Christians believe in high morals and therefore refrain from earning money from unlawful ways.  Many Christian communities prohibit the following conducts to keep up the commands of Jesus Christ and to stay away from feeding their families with illegally earned money.

Unethical monetary loans

1 Unethical monetary loans

Many Christians today prohibit the use of unlawful and illicit practice of making money through monetary loans because they think it will only and fairly enrich the lender. They stay away from interest of any kind and consider taking loans to be usurious due to the sum of offensive interest rate that may come along.  Christians have a perception that with these loans they will be taking advantages of others who may be misfortune. Christians of medieval regions of Europe regard taking loans and interest as a major sin as well.

Thieving, robbery and stealing from others

Bookshop thief helping himself to 'How To Help Your Self' book.
Bookshop thief helping himself to ‘How To Help Your Self’ book.

Christianity doesn’t and will never support any kind of robbery, staling or thieving that may involve violence, breaking and entering in the house and giving any kind of threats. Armed robberies, mugging the houses and car theft are some of the unlawful crimes which are considered to be an unlawful earning.

Deceitful business practices

3 Deceitful business practices

According to Christians, doing a fraud or a false business is just like abominating the God and is a great sin to do. Many businesses these days make use of weights and measuring balances that have been tampered with. A customer may pay for a certain number of gallons or bottles of a product but I measured, he will always get less than what he has paid for. Christians consider doing such deceptive acts as a deceitful thing to do and prohibit other followers to treat people this way.

Christians and taxes

4 Christians and taxes

Christians submit themselves to every ordinance created by the man for the sake of their God whether it is the king or a ruling governor. They consider it to be the will of God and that if they do well; they will be putting the ignorance of a foolish man to silence. This is why Christians submit and pay all their taxes. They know that obeying the civil authorities will get them allowance from their Lord and it will be of benefit for them in mysterious ways.


5 Gambling

Since gaming or gambling in return for stakes is becoming very popular, many people are being attracted towards its recompenses. Betting on lotteries, playing poker, slot machines and online betting are some of the unlawful earning ways that Christianity doesn’t support. Bible has given many legitimate ways for earning money but gambling is of no match to any single one of them.

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