DJ Avincii-The Second Most Popular DJ on Earth!

DJ AvinciiMusic has no boundaries, no language but a common melody which keeps the world all united with its beats. We have been sharing much about the music icons of the world and here we are back again with all about the man who we know as the most popular DJ on earth, DJ Avincii.

Let us now find some interesting facts about this DJ who is all known for great work all over the world!

Who is DJ Avincii?

The guy who stands No. 3 on the list by publication and No. 6 on the top 100 DJ list by DJ Magazine is known by the name Tim Bergling by his friends is a Swedish DJ, record producer and re-mixer. He was born on 8 September 1990 in Stockholm, Sweden, and since he achieved wide spread commercial success he has been donating million to feed America and Africa.

What turned him into a DJ?


He blames the character of his nature, Influential, that has evolved a completely different taste of music especially from the tracks of Leeson MC and DJ Boonie, besides friends have always been ruling over his heart and mind, influencing and convincing him to do things and it was because of his friends he put his work on various music blogs online that turned him from teenage re-mixer to a huge fan following idle. The DJ and Producer Tiesto invited him to perform weekly that has completely given him the title of being the coolest DJ.

Awards and Rewards

· In 2013 he won O Music Award in the category of Most Inspiring Fan Outreach.

· In 2013 he got nominations for Grammy award for the category of”Best Dance Recording” for Levels.

· In 2012 Avicii was nominated in the “Best Electronic/Dance Act” category for the 10th anniversary of the Urban music awards 2012

· In2012 he got nominated for MTV Europe Music Awards for the category of “Best Electronics”.

· In 2012 he got nominations for MTV video Music Award for the category for “Best Choreography” and “Best Electronic Dance Music Video” but he wasn’t too lucky for this time.

10 Amazing Facts about DJ Avincii

avicii ..

1)Avicii was his nick name

He was known as Tim since his school started but later his friends started calling him Avicii which has become his musical identity.

2)His first vocal reached top 20 several countries

He used to have electronic synthetic tracks initially but when EMI released a vocal version of his track it has gone beyond the boundaries.

3)At the age of 20 he signed to one of the big four

In 2010 he signed with the European A&R team with EMI Music Publishing, the Industy’s big four.

5)”Levels” was the song that was a pinnacle

Tim wrote a song, “Level” in 2011, which contains the vocal sample from 1962 “Something’s got hold of me” by Etta James which has been used in many songs but bears close resemblance to Levels.

6)His entire show sold out in under one minute!

On 27 september 2012, he made a history by being the first DJ to headline world famous Radio City Music Hall in New York City, where his show got sold out in under one minute.

7)He is the first to create the world’s first ‘crowdsourced’ hit song

His partnership with Ericsson, led him to create a unique project where his fans will send him the melodies, bass-lines, rhythms and vocals, where Avicii will act as an executive producer and will create a finish song which released on 26th February 2013.

8)Dedicated a true song to his fans

Though music artist dedicate songs to their fans but nobody think about featuring a song over them, but Avicii has featured a son “Three Million” to markl the three million fans on his Facebook page, though he had once released two million when he hit couple of millions an year ago.

9)’Avicii’ is the lowest level of Buddhist hell

A friend of him suggested the name while he was trying to make an account on MySpace and since all the name were in use he chose to go with Avicii when his friend told him that it means the lowest level of Buddhist hell.

10)Picked up on a music blog online

His friends forced him to showcase his work online and it has turned out to be the big portal for him. His music was spotted on a music blog by Ash Pournouri, he became his manager and surprisingly he still loves to take care of him.


After first play of an unknown track of Avicii which fans call it as ‘ID’ which made it a great success, especially on Youtube and Live, it took almost 9 months before the official release of “Levels”.